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I was contacted by a company claiming to be U.R.G. they will not tell me what their initals stand for and will not tell me where they are located. I cannot file a bbb complaint due to not knowing who they are their phone number is 888-556-3926 they give you a "case" number and stated all of my precious belongings and property is going t be levyed and theyy will take eveything I own they also called family and told them they were going to come by their home and serve me! I am a collection agent myself, third party and when they called me I was not asked for any verification of who I was, which is also required per the FDCPA. I want to find this company and I dont care even if I cannot I am getting an attorney and I am suing them, the attorney will find them :)

They are harassing me also and threatened to take us to court and have my husband arrested for fraud. It was over a payday loan that occurred in 2008. I thought was paid off. They refuse to give me validation of the debt and also they won't give me any info on the company but intailsn.

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They just called me stating they are going to have the local authorities to arrest me about 5 months ago I got a call from lsu saying the same thing for the reason on a old payday loan and nothing has happen to me yet I am still waiting I telk them send me a letter head with there name on by mail or me email they say thats fine but never have seen one so they can kiss it if the slip I already have a lawyer

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