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I received a letter from this Rannefeld & Associates stating that I owed $952.78 for a credit one credit card. I sent them a fax yesterday stating that I wanted validation of this debt. I received a phone call from this Ken Chandler, he said that since I acknowledged having the credit card that they were not required to send me validation but that he would fax it to me at my home number. He stated that they are not a collection agency that they are a lawfirm out of Addison Texas and are collecting for CACH LLC, for a credit one credit card that I had. I never received anything from this CACH LLc place and wanted verification of this debt. He said they are lawfirm and therefore do not have to abide by the rules of a cease and desist order. He told me I needed to borrow the money from friends/family to pay this debt. I faxed them a debt verification letter and he stated since I had admitted that I owed this debt they did not have to provide it but was going to fax it to me later today. I have received nothing. He told me to contact a lawyer and since I had declared bankruptcy 3 years ago that I couldn't do it again. I asked him if he was looking at my credit report and he basically said yes. He said that by looking at my credit they wouldn't give me a loan. Well that's good since I wasn't asking to borrow money from them. All I wanted was verification of this debt. He stated that this was just a stall tactic. He also tated that I was paying on another loan and that I needed to pay this account. I stated that I was going to be working with a debt management company and he said they don't work with them. He told me that if I could get him the money this month that perhaps his client would settle for 80% of the debt. Right I now that they are bad debt buyers. He kept telling me I needed to contact an attorney and that they were going to sue me. I told him I am on disability and my benefits are exempt from attachment. He stated that I was wrong. I told him maybe he should study the law a little better if he works for a law firm and learn what they can and can't do. I know they can't attach anything to my social security disability payments. What should I do?

ladybug :twisted:

ladybug,get off the phone.Yes they are a debt collector and now owe you a check for $1000 if you were to file a claim in federal court.Send a debt validation letter to them certified return receipt mail.Contact the state bar for the state that the law office is in and file a complaint against their office.Contact your attorney general and file a complaint. In these complaints you want to tell them everything that has happened to date and how they attempted to mislead you when everyone knows this company is a collector/debt purchaser.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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If I may ask was the credit card from Providian? The conversation you had sounds just like the one I had with another attorney handling Providian. Unfortunately, I don't have any paperwork to know really who they are since they are sending everything including the court summons to my mother in law. They threatened me too.

I just keep digging to find out if this is in fact CACH, LLC since there is a class action suit supposedly to be filed and I'm just wondering.

Just curious.


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poconomoki poconomoki

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Collect America


(Separate Corporations, Subsidiaries)
370 17th Street, Suite 5000
Denver, CO 80202-3050
Ph: (303) 296-3345
Fax: (215) 281-7522

Phillip Scott Lowery Offices:
(Private Law Firm Owned by Collect America's CEO)
4500 Cherry Creek Drive South
Suite #700
Denver, CO 80246


Phillip Scott Lowery

Brian L. Johnson (Financial Officer)

David L. Michael

James R. Wolf

*Collect America Franchisees:

Law Office of Sam W. Streeter, Houston, TX

Richard G. & Catherine A. Neuheisel Law Firm, Tempe, AZ

Neuheisel Law Firm, Deborah Sue Harvego, Sacramento, CA

Law Office of Thomas K. Bamford, Dallas, TX

Harold E. Scherr, Attorney at Law, Longwood, FL

Bronson and Migliaccio Attorneys, Williamsville, NY

Bronson and Migliaccio Attorneys, Elmwood Park, NJ

Phillips and Cohen and Associates, Westampton, NJ

Law Office of Larry Roach, Copley Twp, OH

Phillip Scott Lowery P.C., Denver, CO

Law Office of Joe Pezzuto, Phoenix, AZ

Law Office of J. Anthony Cambece, Boston, MA

Workman Law Office, P.A., Jacksonville, FL

Collect America, LTD, Denver, CO

Gamache and Myers, St Louis, MO

P. Scott Lowery, P.C., Tulsa, OK

Law Office of Wilfred E. Briesemeister, Montclair, CA

Harrison Ross Byck, Morrisville, PA

Daniels & Norelli, P.C., Westbury, NY

Davis Law Office, Russell A. Davis, Solana Beach, CA

Richard DeJana & Associates, Kalispell, MT

Dennis Michael Dendy Law Office, Gretna, LA (Houston TX)

Daniel N. Gordon, P.C., Eugene, OR

Mims, Jerry M., Attorney, Islip Terrace, NY

Pentagroup Financial, LLC, James J. Thorpe, Attorney, Houston, TX

(represents CACV & CACH)

(*May not accurately reflect all franchisees)
Here is the info from budd hibbs website.They are all one company and do fall under the fdcpa as debt collectors.They purchase debts in default and sue people for their debts.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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hi ladybug--

just so everyone is aware, even if this is a legitimate law firm, they are still bound by the fdcpa because they are engaged in collection activites as a third party. Dont let them fool you by claiming otherwise. In fact, in this case, they really are a law firm from Addison, TX....I did a little searching and it would appear that they were looking for employees recently....

"US-TX-Addison, Rannefeld & Associates , a Texas law firm is seeking highly motivated professional collectors to join our team. This is a unique opportunity ..."

Like I said, dont let them lie to you on the phone....they even call their employees "collectors" so there is no doubt that they are aware of their status as a collector and the obligations that come with that.

ladybug--if it is allowed in your state, there is something you MUST do at this point. You must get a telephone recorder, call the law firm back, and tape the call. In that call, you must go over what they previously told you. That way, you will have them on tape telling you that they dont have to follow the law. If you try to sue them as it is now, they will just deny they ever said those things and you wont have a case. But if you tape it, and they deny those things, they are not only going to lose, but they will lose while looking incredibly stupid.

And THEN, after you get them in court, I would forward a copy of said tape to the bar association in Texas. This is the way we can clean up the collection industry, folks...obviously it wont clean itself up.

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skydivr7673 skydivr7673
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Good advice for ya Lady!!
See I told ya to post ur story here and ud get great advice!
Keep up ur fight!
And Moki, that's why i ALWAYS get confused with u and CACH cuz ur story sounds EXACTLY as something CACH would do!! U need to find out, they, (CACH) do report on ur credit report! Didn't u try that?? They're on mine and have been for some time now!

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Ang Ang

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Talked to a lady with the bar association in Texas she told me to call their office (meaning Rannefeld & Associates) and find out some of their attorney's names. I guess they can tell what state they are licensed in by their bar number. I did not know that..Is that right or am I misunderstanding this..She told me not to pay them anything until I find out if this debt is legimiately (sp?) owed. I will not worry about it until they send me the information that I requested. They have until July 27, 2007 to supply this information to me. We will see if they do.


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ladybug ladybug

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ladybug, I am a little concerned here. I checked out the TX bar association website, and they have no record of a Rannefeld & Associates...well, what I did was check the bar assn website for any and all attorneys in Addison, TX....there are a ton of them, but no one with the last name Rannefeld, and no one at all that was affiliated with an organization called Rannefeld & Associates.

I then tried to search for the firm by name, and came up empty. I found a reference on the internet to a "Blue Rannefeld", attorney from Fort Worth, TX, but checking the bar assn database I came up empty again. This may not be a legit lawyer after all...

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skydivr7673 skydivr7673
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I called the bar association in texas and there is a blue rannefeld attorney listed, I don't know if he is affiliated with this Rannefeld & Associates or not. I guess I will wait and see what my attorney general's office, ftc, and the office of consumer credit commissioner's office has to say. I just know I am not paying anything until I get this is in black and white.

They are just scumbags...hoping to get a quick buck I think.


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ladybug ladybug

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I'm hoping that they are just a CA, so you can sue the pants off of them for claiming to be lawyers....

Sub: #9 posted on Tue, 07/17/2007 - 20:53

skydivr7673 skydivr7673
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I wanna sue :)

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d2dtk d2dtk

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