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I received a letter from this Rannefeld & Associates stating that I owed $952.78 for a credit one credit card. I sent them a fax yesterday stating that I wanted validation of this debt. I received a phone call from this Ken Chandler, he said that since I acknowledged having the credit card that they were not required to send me validation but that he would fax it to me at my home number. He stated that they are not a collection agency that they are a lawfirm out of Addison Texas and are collecting for CACH LLC, for a credit one credit card that I had. I never received anything from this CACH LLc place and wanted verification of this debt. He said they are lawfirm and therefore do not have to abide by the rules of a cease and desist order. He told me I needed to borrow the money from friends/family to pay this debt. I faxed them a debt verification letter and he stated since I had admitted that I owed this debt they did not have to provide it but was going to fax it to me later today. I have received nothing. He told me to contact a lawyer and since I had declared bankruptcy 3 years ago that I couldn't do it again. I asked him if he was looking at my credit report and he basically said yes. He said that by looking at my credit they wouldn't give me a loan. Well that's good since I wasn't asking to borrow money from them. All I wanted was verification of this debt. He stated that this was just a stall tactic. He also tated that I was paying on another loan and that I needed to pay this account. I stated that I was going to be working with a debt management company and he said they don't work with them. He told me that if I could get him the money this month that perhaps his client would settle for 80% of the debt. Right I now that they are bad debt buyers. He kept telling me I needed to contact an attorney and that they were going to sue me. I told him I am on disability and my benefits are exempt from attachment. He stated that I was wrong. I told him maybe he should study the law a little better if he works for a law firm and learn what they can and can't do. I know they can't attach anything to my social security disability payments. What should I do?

ladybug :twisted:

your are going to want to watch what you acuse a lawyer of because since you have published material that would be damaging to a person character and cause them loss whether monetary or not you better hope you have a recording of your statements because chances are the law firm does and you probably have made things worse by publishing statements that arent 100% true I have made a living suing people just like you who make statements and generally chance the wording to what they want to hear will soon find thmselves in court for demation of a collectors character by giving and publishing false and damaging statements if I would you I would retain myself a lawyer you probably will be in court soon due to your publishing collectors name such as you did previously with ken chandler

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Well procollect what I accused them of was straight from Mr. Budd Hibbs mouth who knows more about them then you probably do. So I think you better check your sources out before you give anyone advice on anything. Well if Ken Chandler is such a straight up guy why would he ignore a cease and desist order and leave me tape recorded threatening voicemails. I would be happy to see him in court. I think they do enough damage to their collectors image by them ignoring the federal laws that are in place to protect debtors, but oh that's right you should know all about that, right? Tell me that!!!!!!!!!

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why don't you register as a user instead of a guest!!!!!!!!

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Suing someone for an opinion left on a internet board is very difficult and I am sure that everyone knows that truth is a absolute defense to any suit based on harm to someone's name.I wish you great luck in that.No one has stopped Bud Hibb's yet and his comments are hundreds of times worse than this forum.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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palooza, why come in here and tell lies?

Where in the world did you ever get the notion that requesting validation is only a good tactic for those who try to avoid debt? Who lied to you?

Look, let me spell this out so you can cut the BS here--stop making excuses about validation. Period.

The law requires you to provide validation if it is requested, if you intend to continue on the account. I dont care what you think about the reason behind the request, the fact is that there are several good, legitimate reasons why that request can and should be made. Here's a thought--why dont collectors follow the law to begin with and supply the proper information to consumers? I bet you didnt think of that one, did see, if CA's actually did what the law says and provide the consumer with the information without all the hassle, they would actually see faster results from people who want to pay but need proof of the debt, their right to collect it, the amount, etc etc etc.

Lets try something--I have asked this question of every smarta$$ collector that has come around here recently, and not one of you wanted to touch it. Suppose I called you one day, and said "you owe me $5000...." What would your first reaction be? Chances are, it would be "what for?" Just because someone calls you up and says you owe them money, that doesnt automatically make it true. And in this day and age, where someone's identity is stolen every FOUR SECONDS, who in the hell wouldnt be right for trying to get all the facts before sending a complete stranger money??

Look--you need to stop with the CA propaganda already. Requesting validation IN NO WAY damages your credit. You need to stop lying in here or find another forum to hang out on.

Also, about your second post, you obviously refuse to be honest about your industry. Let's face facts here....

1--how does requesting a SIF letter prove the things that a validation does? IT DOESNT. All that does is prompt the CA to send a settlement amount that they will accept. At that point, they are just getting money, with NO PROOF that they even have the right to collect the debt! A SIF does not prove that the debt is real, nor does it prove that the amount owed was properly calculated. And GET REAL--there have been HUNDREDS of cases, if not thousands, where CA's are trying to collect from the wrong person, or the debt is fake altogether. All a SIF will do in that case is make an innocent person pay for a debt that they dont legitimately owe! So, it should include the original creditor--so what? I can pull up your credit report right now, see what debts you have on it, and then call you up claiming that I just bought a debt from one of your happens all the time! Why do you think that a law exists which requires you to prove certain things about your claim? Heres a hint--laws are written most often to stop a practice that everyone has become aware of. That law was written because collectors like you were pushing people to pay debts they didnt even owe, and pushing others to pay them money they had no legal right to collect!

And the truth shall set you free....

2--about lawyers...first off, you people have this nasty habit of often pretending to be lawyers when you arent--illegal. So, if you are one of these fake lawyers, you dont have to stake your lawyer reputation on it, do you? Not to mention, there are plenty of lawyers that have been caught doing that exact same thing. The community you work for relies on ignorance by the public....lawyers make their entire living based on that same concept. Thanks for playing, but not even close.

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skydivr7673 skydivr7673
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you might wont to do some more research cease and desist allows for one final call and from your previous statements you havent stated you receive more calls after the last call which is authorized by the fdcpa so leaving a msg after cease and desist is not breaking the law get your facts straight.

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Why don't you leave this alone since you don't have a clue as to what went on. You obviously think you know all of the answers. It makes one wonder why you are even trolling on these boards. Your life must be pretty boring. Why don't you go somewhere else where people might appreciate your opinions.


P.S. I do know the laws thank you very much having been a legal assistant for an attorney.

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ladybug ladybug

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OMG! I am now dealing with these a$$holes! They called me out of the blue yesterday (anyone ever talk to a Michael Rose?) saying that I owed money to them for a card i have never had. the guy was extremely rude, threatening, etc. He called me back again today and left a vm saying that he had given me 24 hours and if I don't cal him today, he will proceed.

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OMG procollect, thanks for the laughs. You have sued people!? I find it hard to believe that you are implying you are an attorney. How did you get your JD with that atrocious spelling and grammar? Yeah good luck suing people on this board for demation, oh you mean defamation. Yeah good luck with that junior. Actually you should sue yourself because you have already defamed yourself with your posts.

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ramj70 ramj70

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Go ahead and call him back pooks and tell him to proceed to jump off a cliff. Ooops, maybe I shouldn't have said that, procollect is going to file criminal charges against me for conspiracy to commit murder.

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ramj70 ramj70

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