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I received a letter from this Rannefeld & Associates stating that I owed $952.78 for a credit one credit card. I sent them a fax yesterday stating that I wanted validation of this debt. I received a phone call from this Ken Chandler, he said that since I acknowledged having the credit card that they were not required to send me validation but that he would fax it to me at my home number. He stated that they are not a collection agency that they are a lawfirm out of Addison Texas and are collecting for CACH LLC, for a credit one credit card that I had. I never received anything from this CACH LLc place and wanted verification of this debt. He said they are lawfirm and therefore do not have to abide by the rules of a cease and desist order. He told me I needed to borrow the money from friends/family to pay this debt. I faxed them a debt verification letter and he stated since I had admitted that I owed this debt they did not have to provide it but was going to fax it to me later today. I have received nothing. He told me to contact a lawyer and since I had declared bankruptcy 3 years ago that I couldn't do it again. I asked him if he was looking at my credit report and he basically said yes. He said that by looking at my credit they wouldn't give me a loan. Well that's good since I wasn't asking to borrow money from them. All I wanted was verification of this debt. He stated that this was just a stall tactic. He also tated that I was paying on another loan and that I needed to pay this account. I stated that I was going to be working with a debt management company and he said they don't work with them. He told me that if I could get him the money this month that perhaps his client would settle for 80% of the debt. Right I now that they are bad debt buyers. He kept telling me I needed to contact an attorney and that they were going to sue me. I told him I am on disability and my benefits are exempt from attachment. He stated that I was wrong. I told him maybe he should study the law a little better if he works for a law firm and learn what they can and can't do. I know they can't attach anything to my social security disability payments. What should I do?

ladybug :twisted:

procollect all of the laws quoted here are directly taken from their source and I would advise you to tread lightly on the phone call issue. The Ftc and federal court circuit have held in certain districts that a verbal c & d or dispute is sufficient. I am glad your firm records and wish more would.It makes it interesting in the discovery when your tapes would be turned over by court order.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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yeah your right but only certain states have strict laws which aknowledges a verbal C&D and I for one am not one for breaking the law problem is because of sites like this everone seems to think that everything they read seems to apply to there specific case which is sad lack of education doesnt giev you the right to complain with the state bar which im getting tired of answering and will only bring about more damage to debtors once you starting threating your complain to the bar you had better expect a countersuit.

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Well "procollect" maybe you and that sorry company you work for should brush up on your legal skills and knowledge. Do we know how to say lawsuit? Yea I sued procollect, for more then 4 times the amount they were trying to collect from me because they broke over 12 federal laws against concerning fair collections and bankruptcy. Whats funny is their website claimes they are very well educated in bankruptcy law. Even more funny. I got a writ on their bank account.

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Good for you Lawsuit. I am glad that someone got them. :lol: :lol:


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ladybug ladybug

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Who are you talking about who did you sue and for the record my firm has never had a case make it to court for violating any laws we have a zero tolerance for those type of things and also company doing very well dont have us need to look in the mirror its a dirty job but as they say someone has to do it and if your a religious person you would know that every thing we do is in the view of the creator dont thou shalt not owe any man been in busines 15 no fines yet so dont think all collectors are same just like all debtors arent the same you have some that just dont pay then those that are always trying to fine a loophole to the debt they created

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Procollect-How do you "fine a loophole"?

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volleyballmom volleyballmom

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Why all the capital letters? Bigger letters do not intimidate us.

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Anthony Lemons Anthony Lemons

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Thats your problem lemons you seem to think everything is a threat i used big letters probably because of block still that i learned while in the military for 15 years

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Procollect...I am really trying to help here- How about some punctuation? Periods, etc. That would make your posts so much easier to read.


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volleyballmom volleyballmom

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Volleyballmom you're right

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