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I received a letter from this Rannefeld & Associates stating that I owed $952.78 for a credit one credit card. I sent them a fax yesterday stating that I wanted validation of this debt. I received a phone call from this Ken Chandler, he said that since I acknowledged having the credit card that they were not required to send me validation but that he would fax it to me at my home number. He stated that they are not a collection agency that they are a lawfirm out of Addison Texas and are collecting for CACH LLC, for a credit one credit card that I had. I never received anything from this CACH LLc place and wanted verification of this debt. He said they are lawfirm and therefore do not have to abide by the rules of a cease and desist order. He told me I needed to borrow the money from friends/family to pay this debt. I faxed them a debt verification letter and he stated since I had admitted that I owed this debt they did not have to provide it but was going to fax it to me later today. I have received nothing. He told me to contact a lawyer and since I had declared bankruptcy 3 years ago that I couldn't do it again. I asked him if he was looking at my credit report and he basically said yes. He said that by looking at my credit they wouldn't give me a loan. Well that's good since I wasn't asking to borrow money from them. All I wanted was verification of this debt. He stated that this was just a stall tactic. He also tated that I was paying on another loan and that I needed to pay this account. I stated that I was going to be working with a debt management company and he said they don't work with them. He told me that if I could get him the money this month that perhaps his client would settle for 80% of the debt. Right I now that they are bad debt buyers. He kept telling me I needed to contact an attorney and that they were going to sue me. I told him I am on disability and my benefits are exempt from attachment. He stated that I was wrong. I told him maybe he should study the law a little better if he works for a law firm and learn what they can and can't do. I know they can't attach anything to my social security disability payments. What should I do?

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ladybug ladybug

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I have been dealing with the "Law office of Joe Pezzuto LLC for the last year (they are CACH LLC)in Phoenix, AZ and I have gone through the same things. One thing I do know; In collecting a debt They can't sue you or make you pay more than you decide. They can't afford to take to court all the people the threaten. I affored to pay them $15 a month. I am on a low income and cannot afford more. They keep calling every three months to try and get more. I won't pay more My debt is much bigger. Several thousand. I was very skeptcal because the CC company put it on my credit report as a bad debt written off. I didn't know if they can try to collect on a written off debt. But, I had no money to find out otherwise. I started paying and now I am stuck. Here is my advice
1. If it is your debt, you have to pay
2. You decide how much you pay, not them. Be firm
don't be intimadated by them. They would look very, very stupid in court to say "they are paying, but not enough"
3. Tell them to remove your phone number from your file. /and.. Tell them only to contact you through writting. They have to do this. Be firm.
they will keep telling you it's imparative that you call .All the time
I am now on their every six months call, because I do two things. 1. I am firm and won't give in, 2. It is just not in my budget to do more. They were ready to make it a year. Just remember that.
Anyway that is my two cents

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firstboan dont give incorrect info all firms are not the same and each situation is different "They can't sue you or make you pay more than you decide. They can't afford to take to court all the people the threaten." This statement is bogus you can be sued and for them to accept that arragement would be there mistake this form is for rannefeld and associates not joe pezzuto firm so check your facts

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If you've been taken to court by a CACH firm and offer what you can afford to pay and they won't accept it, what then? Isn't it in their best interests to accept what they can?

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I too have had an incident with these people. They sent me a letter in the mail and I tried to call and settle with them. they said I owed $902 which I don't remember the balance being that high from the credit card company they say it's from. The first guy I talked to, using his fake name as they all do, was so completly rude. I told him I was trying to settle this and eventually we ended up coming up with $500. Which was over 50 percent of the bill. The next day I called back and talked to a different woman. I was trying to get western union information and have them fax me a statement saying after the $500 dollars I wouldn't owe anything else and she told me it was $550. I didn't have that. I told her I was a single mother that made $8,000 dollars a year which is considered poverty level and I was a full time student trying to get my degree for a better job. She then stated "Don't blame you financial debt on your child." Needless to say I lost it. She threated to send it to a lawyer and I told her I would love to speak with one now since there was no way I was going to let her insult me then go out and find extra money to give to them. She let me speak to a supervisor who told me that lawyers wern't in the office when i requested to speak with them and when i asked for a number to reach them at he couldn't give me that either?? Hmmm makes me wonder. These people are liars. I am refusing to pay them and told them I want verification of my debt and that they are no longer allowed to call and correspondance with me should be through letters, which by law they have to abide by. I have written down dates, names, and conversations along with keeping my cell phone records of the days that I tried to contact them. Do not deal with these people over the phone. Letters or faxes are a much better way to go. I would love to sue them for saying what they said since I had contacted THEM to settle not the other way around plus I had 500 dollars I was willing to send them. All this over $50 bucks?? You have to be kidding me.

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nwheeler14 you need to stop making false statements. They do not use fake names or an alias you can refused to pay what you want voluntarily but keep in mind the law does allow for creditor garnishment and seizure of wages and assets such as property, boats, etc,and some instances savings accounts You might want to keep that in mind when speaking with any law law firm unless you dont mind paying attorney fees and court cost. one last thing letters and faxes wont get you a settlement will only escolate the matter to court a lot faster.

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oskey it wouldn't be in their best interest to accept any offer after all most states allow garnishment and seizure of assets so why would they accept some low offer when they can get more money involuntarily

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nwheeler14, please keep in mind that the actions described previously can only be taken if a judgment is awarded (unless a voluntary wage assignment is included in the contract, which you can revoke in writing)

If the amount seems much higher than it should be I suggest requesting validation, you can find a good template for a validation letter via my signature which should be sent USPS, certified mail, return receipt requested.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

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Hey, shill!

Now that I've got your attention... Remember that you're a guest in our house when you're on this board. Act accordingly, or you'll wind up as just another pinhead that nobody reads.

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unclewulf unclewulf
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Hey ladybug,

I know what you mean and can understand your situation. However, if you are in a garnishment state like I am (Virginia), they can not only get Judgement (up to 20 years) they can also file for Garnishment and take up to 45% of your wages (Henry County, VA J&D Court-Judge Williams) and I hope that you are not in a situation like that. I owed not just on credit cards, but also had some hospital bills too. I was strung up on the credit cards faster than the hospital bills. How did it leave me and the family? Living with relatives for the past 8 years now until the debts are paid. How much longer do I have, about another five years. However, you have to remember this, the credit card companies can also send you a 1099 form as misc income which you will have to report as income on your taxes and you will have to pay the IRS like I have been doing with Bank of America. Now I owe the IRS over $9K.

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