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There is never an excuse for rudeness or harrasement. I was divorced a few years ago and had to amke some choices...things like feeding my kidds and paying the ortgage or paying a credit card debt. Can you guess which won out? I had dealings with a few collection agencies at that time and only once was I treated like a human being and not degraded. The gentleman was wonderful and we were able to make a payment arrangement. He is the ONLY one that was not rude and abusive.

I now have a Cingular debt in collection with BCR. I diputed this debt with Cingular from the beginning and sent them a letter. ( Keep in mind, I was a AT&T/ Cingular customer for 4-5 years). They turned it over to this BCR. These people are rude and threatening and they call 5-6 times a day, sometimes 5 minutes apart. The times I have spoken to them, I have been degraded and yelled at and have had a hard time getting a word in edgewise. I refuse to speak to them anymore. Last night, the man I spoke with threatened me and said they had looked at my job and bank accounts and when I asked what they found he said he wasn't giving me any legal advice. He then hung up on me! Even if I felt I owed this debt, I would not work with these people. They are terrible.

I am sending them a letter to cease calling me because in my state once I have done that they cannot call me again. Please understand, I am a single mom with a full time job and a college degree. I am not stupid and I am not some worthless druggie that runs up debts never planning on paying them. I will not be degraded, harrased or threatened.

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I would like to share my recent experience with BCR. I have to ask,do all the employees have to pass a training course on how to be a mean,nasty fart eater? I had a over look on a cellphone bill of @ $80. It went to BCR for collections. BCR called my home on 10-19.The person on the phone asked me to pay a lesser ammount than I owed that day over the phone by credit card or check by phone( not a safe idea people, DON'T GIVE ANY INFO LIKE THAT TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE). I told them to send me a statement and I would send them a check.They mailed me the letter on 10-20,I recived it on 10-23 and mailed a payment on 10-24. On 10-26 I got a phone call at MY JOB and At my house.They were rude to my superviser at work,rude to me at work and rude to me at home when I called them back. I was also rude because one These a** f**kers called my job and 2 I mailed them money 2 days agothat proubly wasn't even recived yet. To say the least I called the cell phone company and told them that BCR had attitude proublems and they need to deal with another company who is more professional. I have family members who do Credit and Collections work for banks. Collecters CAN NOT CALL YOUR JOB IF YOU NOTIFY THEM IN WRITING TO NOT DO SUCH. BCR the letter has been mailed.Stupid monkey ball biters. Bite on that one. I have half a mind to stop payment on the check I sent them and eat the $80 on my credit. Like it will hurt my score. I have ecellent credit so F**K BCR.Didn't you hear that you catch more flies with honey? They obviously know I have a job they called me there.Stupid ******** BCR employees. PS IT'S NOT JUST CINGULLAR WHO USES THEM. CONTACT THE PHONE CO. AND LET THEM KNOW YOUR FEELINGS @ BCR.IF MORE PEOPLE B**CH THEY WON"T USE THEM.

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Hey Collection Manager. I would like to start by saying Dee Dee Dee.You won't make any cash if people don't pay up. So maybe it would pay to be nice once in a while.And P.S If the people you r refering to didn't pay their bills then they wouldn't be on a computer on the internet would they.

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Hey BCR employees that keep writing on this websight. Don't you have better things to do at work than surf the net? How about threating more families? Maybe you can start some new movement to have mucle men go to homes and bust legs for ya all.

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Here's an interesting bit about BCR: I get a random call in the evening from these guys....I pick up and the line seems empty....basic telemarketers I figure.

I was bored so I googled the BCR 1888 number left on the caller ID and found that there was a lot of fishy stuff about these guys. Also that they are supposed debt collectors. I have never been late on any sort of payment, so this alone made me interested enough to call them. They have a generic msg which doesn't explain what the company is, and after a few seconds I was transfered to a man who just answered "This is BCR, how may I help you?" I simply asked "Hi, you guys called me...what exactly IS your business? What do you do?"

There was about a 1 second pause where I could hear the guy breathing, then he just hung up.

Sub: #115 posted on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 15:21


These BOZO's have an incorrect phone number and refuse to quit calling my home and bothering us! Is murder still illegal?

Sub: #116 posted on Fri, 10/27/2006 - 09:03


I too had an at&t wireless phone. I was dealing w/ a creditor to whom I made an arrangement w/ to pay the debt off. The next day BCR calls me...I explain to them I made a deal w/ the previous collecter. I get a call 2 hours later, there was no record of my phone call w/ the previous bcr rep. They are terrible will not give you any info in the mail and I think get off calling you 10 times a day w/ no phone etiquette. If the bill were in some1 else's hands I could and would pay it off... :twisted:

Sub: #117 posted on Sun, 10/29/2006 - 16:34


It is illeagle for a collecter to call 10 times a day. Their not even allowed to call 10 times a week.A collecter can call a max of 3 times a week.Also as I stated befor if you notify a collection agency IN WRITING Not to contact you by phone JOB OR HOME they can not call. The employees at BCR need to be trained on phone manners and on collection laws.

Sub: #118 posted on Mon, 10/30/2006 - 12:18


Thank you for the person that posted the website. I sent the BCR and email complaint which is under the contact us section. I informed them that I was also going to report them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection. We have rights and harrassment is not allowed.

Sub: #119 posted on Tue, 11/07/2006 - 05:59


I too got a call from BCR regarding a Cingular account. I have a Cingular account that I've had for years and continue to pay in a timely manner. I asked what number they were referring to, and they wouldn't tell me. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they refused. I called Cingular and they told me they had no record of any problems with my account. So please, you people who claim that this company is honest, just lay off. This kind of pointless harassment is frightning.

Sub: #120 posted on Mon, 11/13/2006 - 16:56


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