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Since I've filed suit in Virginia against BCR, here's some information anyone with a similar problem may be able to use. I invite any present or former employees of BCR to tell me if I'm wrong about any of this.

Blake Rice is the CEO and founder of Universal Recovery Systems, Inc. as well as Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc. Joel Lewis is the president of both companies. There may be a third entity, or it may be a "dba" they're using, "UniversalSystems, Inc.". Blake Rice owns a patent applying predictive dialing technology heretofore used by telemarketers in a scheme designed to optimize the efficiency of telephone-based collections by splitting the people who talk into two groups, operators and collectors. The purpose of the operators is to verify the identity of the person called and transfer the call to a collector if one is available, and otherwise to ask the debtor to call back on a toll free number.

These companies are also doing business under the unregistered fictitious names, "BCR" and "UniversalSystems", "", and "" Universal Recovery Systems, Inc. is the registered owner of the trademark, "UniversalSystems". It appears that the company is split into two entities, where Universal develops and implements software based on Rice's patent, and Bureau uses the software to engage directly in debt-collection.

Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc is licensed in a number of states as a debt-collector. In Minnesota, where they are principally located, both the company and the persons employed as debt collectors must be licensed. You can check at the state's website: lookupForm

The two companies are co-located, have the same telephone numbers, and are functioning as two divisions of the same entity. I believe they are operating as mutual partners, agents and co-conspirators, and I have sued both as such.

Aside from the primary location, they also have an installation at 1009 NE 16th St., Willmar, MN 56201. That installation probably functions as a telephone call center.

Their fax number is 952-259-1191

They are known to use the following telephone numbers in their collection efforts:

(The last one is used only to detect whether or not someone is available at the called number to pick up the telephone.)

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Virginia-Legal-Defense Virginia-Legal-Defense

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I have been recieving harrasing phone calls from BCR. I have been contacted by them four times in a four day period. I was treatened of a lawsuit that was not accually pending. Harrased and spoken to very rudley. I am not sure if this place is even legit. I cant find a website, they would not give me their mailing address, I never recieved anything in the mail from them. I made two compaints to the supervisor. He advised me not to work with BCR, and reffered me back to verizon wireless. He did not seemed surprised in any way of the harrasment and lies told by BCR. He did not even know that the fdcpa excits, and seemed shocked that I knew of my rights as a consumer. Please file a copmlaint with the FDCPA regarding BCR. This place needs to be educated on the right way to collect a debt.

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Virginia Legal, thank you for taking the time to provide valuable insight into the debt validation process and the legal mechanisms involved in debt issues. Your presence here ia most valuable and very much appreciated.

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jj jj
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Not happy,

Try to settle the debt directly with your creditor, hope they will cooperate with you.

Also file your complaint with BBB, FTC and AG's office of your state that will take them through a legal investigation.

BTW, I agree with JJ. Virginia Legal is putting valued information here. We wish to learn more from you. Also we need more such persons in this forum, so that consumers' legal rights are protected.

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stanley stanley

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It's good to see people like Virginis Legal giving some much educated advice.

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7575 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie
Phone 1-800-831-7311

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I am currently experiencing this problem, I have a letter also. They did not report to the major credit bureaus. Now BCR tells me to contact AT&T to have them update my file. At & t says to contact BCR. I am about to get an attorney to fix this issue.

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I have been a manager at bureau of collection recovery-i honestly think debtors as yourself are always looking for a place to vent with other debtors to make all of you look like your the honest bill paying do no wrong look good, when in fact i make alot of money on people that want to face the fact that they want to face up to there responsibilities. I think perhaps that everyone of you are just a portion of the american way that think that not paying your bills is the only way-way to go teach all your children to be debtors like yourself so my children can make the bucks off of you-keep up the good job and enjoy your crappy credit and i will be thinking of all of you as i am going to work behind the wheel of my paid off mercedes while on the phone planning my next vacation somewhere-thank you keep sending my paycheck......

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Wow, I needed a good laugh this morning. :lol:

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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You're welcome.[/quote]

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Jessi Jessi

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