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I find it hard to believe this BCR employee is driving around in a Mercedes when it is clear they are unable to collect debts because they deal with illigitimate debts that aren't actually owed so people have a legal recourse and BCR and nothing.

Sub: #131 posted on Thu, 12/07/2006 - 11:17


I moved into my house three years ago. For three years prior to that I have had the same phone number -- six years in all. I repeatedly get calls, for the pas THREE YEARS from collection agencies for people who lived at my address, but have NEVER been associated with my phone number.

Today I returned the call to BCR and asked them to remove my number from their database. I did not give them any further information, because they do NOT need any information about me, and after all, they called me. The woman I spoke with hung up. We'll see if they stop calling, but really, after three years (and the house was vacant for at least 6 months before I bought it too) you'd think they could get the correct address, much less erroneously link it with MY phone number.

Sub: #132 posted on Mon, 12/11/2006 - 15:31


I've provided a fax number to BCR to fax me a copy of a settlement. Its been three times now that they claimed to have sent it but i have not received it. Im fed up. Any suggestions please

Sub: #133 posted on Thu, 12/14/2006 - 09:40


BCR calls all the time for someone i don't know. I've had my number-my cell by the way-for 5 years and don't know why i've gotten calls for about a year now. The lady that called 4 times today, was very rude to me, and all i wanted to do was take my number out of the system because she has the wrong number. she put my on hold twice and when she came back i told her i was at work and didn't have time to hold, she said "well i'm at work too and i'm doing my job and if you don't like it then call back later because i don't have time for your convenience" at that point i asked to be transferred to a manager in which she replied "you're not being transferred out of here" then hung up on me. I'm not even the person they need to get ahold of. They have the wrong number. I reported it because i'm on the national do not call list as well. "monitored for quality and training purposes" yeah right.

Sub: #134 posted on Fri, 01/05/2007 - 14:34


I worked there one day through a temp agency and then we weren't needed anymore. I was an operator. Are there positions that you are still looking to fill??

Sub: #135 posted on Thu, 01/11/2007 - 13:01


Don't even bother with foolish "agencies" like these BCR entities or what not. Courtesy of Verizon Wireless(a bill that I disputed after moving out of state, and having cancelled my service, with proof that I did) BCR and others eventually were given the contract to get (their share of) the money. I was getting those f'ining annoying auto-generated calls at all times like Sundays 8 AM. So I answered finally, and asked the guy for his name, his manager, the name of the company, and both a mailing and physical address. I told him that my attorney would be contacting them because legally a person has a right to request that he/she not be contacted by such an agency, and the agency has the duty to comply. He gave me some gobble-dee-gook of a reply but I haven't heard from them since. These folks are all full of shit, not to mention a serious pain in the ass!!

Sub: #136 posted on Sun, 01/14/2007 - 10:18


I see concern here about collection agencies and personal debt, real or not. MY CONCERN is, who's holding these faceless companies accountable? They shouldn't just be sent letters and threats of legal action, they should be shut down. America is a failure. Or, as Charlie King said, "sure it's a melting pot: the folks on the bottom get burned and the scum floats to the top."

Sub: #137 posted on Sun, 01/14/2007 - 10:26


My firm deals with such 'Collections' concerns all the time, and there's one thing we've learned. Ignore them, or find a lawyer and take them to court. Essentially though, as fifthworld put it above, BCR and it's ilk are full of shit. Regards.

Sub: #138 posted on Sun, 01/14/2007 - 10:31


I do indeed have a large credit card debt, via Providian Visa. They tried very nicely to accommodate me for a long while; however, I am just not able to keep up with the necessary minimum payments right now, and it has finally been handed over to BCR.

I hung up on a previous call from them, a few weeks ago, after becoming frustrated and appalled at the rep's unhelpful demeanor, with such statements as "Well, you should have thought of that before you agreed to take the card."

Just a few minutes ago, I received another call. The first voice confirmed that they were speaking to the correct person, and then the phone was handed to another man, who jumped out of the gate and down my throat. ...I'm still in shock. I can't even recall exactly what he said. Every statement he made was full of judgement. ...After several of his accusing remarks, I eventually started getting choked up with emotion, and said, "It's no fun being in debt. Obviously this is on my mind all the time." He interpreted the change in my voice as scoffing, because he replied, "Apparently you think it's funny." I then couldn't help getting washed away with my emotion, demanding, "Who's your supervisor?!" "This is no way to successfully collect debts!" "Your soul is blackening with this type of behavior!"

I'm still shaking in disbelief at this company's approach. Do they really have success with such awfully intimidating behavior? ...I honestly would like nothing more than to have my debt paid off. I continue to just suggest that they continue to charge me interest until the day I can pay it off. To treat people as if their entire character is deceptive and trying to rip off lenders and avoid responsibility is patently unhelpful.

I do have a recent letter from them, showing their address, as I think someone previously stated:

Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc.
7575 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55344


On the reverse of the letter is given their license numbers and/or the licensing body in several states, e.g.,
in Minnesota, licensed by Minnesota Department of Commerce.
In New York, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs License Number 1150415
in North Carolina, N.C. Dept. Ins. Permit Number 775220029

So, I guess collection laws vary by state.

Also given is the FTC site:, 877-FTC-HELP

Sub: #139 posted on Thu, 02/22/2007 - 08:13


I currently received several harassing phones calls in which the first guy asked my about my income tax refund and said he would send me a bill itemizing the Tmobile charges that added it up to $400. The second call came a few days later from a man claiming to be an Anthony Palmer (although attempts to locate him through the company directory were futile) saying that they were going to send my case to court in about 3 days after which time I would be charged $1800 in attorney and filing fees, which would be garnished from my wages. After I informed him that Texas was a non-garnishment state and they wouldn't have that right unless they were a government entity he then ominously stated "You can take that risk if you want to." I told him I'd better. The next day someone claiming to be a Paul answered my request for a bill with such insults as "I'm tired of hearing your voice" and "Listen to me then you can flap your mouth later!" After asking repeatedly for a supervisor and being told that his supervisor doesn't want to talk to me I hung up and called T mobile. I spoke with a Sandra and got by final bill resolved--which was $148 and not in collections. The next day "Paul" pretending to be a "Josh this time called and I informed him the bill had been paid and to never call my house again. He then called two more times and hung up in my face. When I went to their website the links that they have set up for complaints and comments don't respond. However unsurprisingly the link to make a payment works fine.

Sub: #140 posted on Thu, 02/22/2007 - 11:39


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