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This company tried to double collect a debt from me. I had 2 Credit Cards with Household bank, but they misapplied my payment.

Today, one of BCR's representatives called me, refused to identify himself, then called back several times simply to mock me. I have reported them to the FTC and sent them a Cease Communication letter. Below is the text you can use for yourselves.


Brian xxxxxxx
xxxx Street
San Diego, CA

February 23, 2007

Bureau of Collection Recovery
7575 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

RE: Household Bank

To Whom It Best Applies,

Your Agent, who refused to identify himself, has violated FTC Reg

???? 806. Harassment or abuse [15 USC 1692d]
???? 809. Validation of debts [15 USC 1692g]
???? 810. Multiple debts [15 USC 1692h]

This will serve as your legal notice under federal law, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, to cease all communication with me in reference to the above account.

If you fail to heed this notice, I will file a formal complaint against you with the Federal Trade Commission who is responsible for enforcement, and the American Collectors Association, and the State Attorney General????????s Office.

I have decided that I do not desire to work with a collection agency under any circumstances. I will contact Household Bank to resolve this matter directly.

You are also notified that if any adverse items are placed against my credit report as a result of this notice, I will be forced to take appropriate action against you, and Household Bank.

Give this matter the attention it deserves.

Yours truly,


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I called the company to stop the harassing phone calls and they gave me the Fax # to send the cease and desist letter. It is 952-259-1191. They agreed to take my number out of the database. That remains to be seen.

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It's pretty moronic to chase dead beats for a living. The dead beat that used my phone # as a place of contact while he had no other, is now out of the state and I keep getting the calls. You won't get money from me, Stupids, and I won't asnwer an unknown phone number, or any # I don't know. Think the phone ringing bugs me, and evetually I will? Please - Good luck recovering money from someone YOU WONT EVEN CALL. Seems a waste of resources to me to call me over and over, and not only NOT reach the dead beat, you aren't even reaching a human in general. Keep going stupids, Im sure the dead beats appreciate you dialing into space, and going no where. Keeps their phones from ringing anyway.

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Yep so I got a call from some of these people regarding some debt my brother has.

He hasnt lived in my house for years!

So the first call tells me they wont call back..

I get a second guy who actually threatens me with harassment, stating he will call me every weekday, from monday through friday, all day from 8 am to 5 pm...after a few more threats and continuing to refuse to allow me to speak to a manager he hangs up.

My brother called them and they wouldn't release any information to him without a social security number.

I would strongly advise anyone who receives a call from these guys NOT to give them ANY personal information that is outside the public domain.

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Here is a number that Allied Collections in Las Vegas Used to call me to collect a debt. Just to put it out there for people in the event they need the number, or just who it belongs to:

Allied Collections


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I just moved three months ago and have recieved a call from BCR everyday since i have had this number. They are looking for someone I don't even know the first two months I was nice and polite as they said they would make a note of it........but i am done today i contacted a supervisor which seeing from other post wont due anything so i'm thinking of contacting a lawyer........we should all have a class action lawsuit against them

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I finally did it. BCR no longer calls for my father-in-law anymore. I stopped trying to talk to them. When they would call and start talking I would intrrupt them asking them for their name and phone number, I would keep repeating this even if they were talking untill I got what I wanted. Name and Phone number. As soon as they gave me that information I hung up. If they called back I would repeat the process. It took about a week of doing that before they stopped. But I have been call free for a month now. Good luck everyone else.

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It is very simple to make them leave you alone. You have to send them a real letter on paper that says simply:


To Whom it may concern:

I have been contacted by your company about a debt you allege I owe. I am instructing you not to contact me further in connection with this debt. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a federal law, you may not contact me further once I have notified you not to do so.


(Account No.)

I took this from Clark Howards website and it requires very little effort. I reccomend sending it registered mail so that you have a reciept stating that they received it. If they contact you again, send another letter to the FTC. The FTC has a very nice website that explains everything about the law and tells you who is on the commision and how to contact them.

Good Luck

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These people will not stop calling unless they receive a written notice, but they will not give address. Here is the address: 7575 Corporate Way, Eden Prairie, MN 55344. Send to the attention of Mark Neill or Marty Sarim, VP's of Operations. The fax number to fax a notice to is: 952-259-1191. Hope this helps.

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BCR has been calling my home number for over a year a minimum of once a day and up to three times a day. They are looking for my son for a Cingular collection. He does not live at home, they will not stop calling, they demand that I take a message for him. I have explained that he does not live at my residence. I have explained he has no forwarding phone number. They do not want his address, I guess they figure I'd lie. I expressed to them just this morning that I now consider their calls threatening and asked they stop calling for a person who does not reside here and again they asked if they could leave a message! I am dropping a line to the Maine State Attorney General's office (MSAG's) today. This is the worst harassment I have ever received and I am not even the debtor, my 25 year old son is and he lives elsewhere. I am not anyone's message service. Someone said "then don't answer the phone." Caller ID does not work on half the calls, they block it. and I have two other phone numbers they have used along with dates and times recorded. The next time I field one of their calls, I am going to record it for the MSAG's office to hear for themselves. Don't anyone tell me it's against the law to record the conversation either, they are and do not disclose it to you....

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