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Is there an actual experian phone number live person
for Experian to speak with a live person??? Not the automated system ... I am having the most frustrating time!!

I get my credit report daily from truecredit ... there are 2 items ONLY on my experian report that are not mine. I have talked to the creditor listed and have letters dismissing me from reposibility for the items. I tried doing an online dispute with experian, they said I don't have a "report #" so I can't file a dispute unless I order a report through them. I tried to order one online said they cannot verify my identity, mailed in my identity, they mailed me back asking for the same info I just sent. So I mailed it again with a letter and all my dispute info and the letter they sent me ... again, the same generic letter. Tried to order online again, they can't verify my identity and won't let me dispute online because I don't have a report. Yet I have a report from truecredit, autofax and citifinancial BUT none with an experian credit report # ... SO I am just screwed. I called credit expert and after they verfied me on the phone they tried to walk me through online and when it did not verify me they could not explain why and sent me to another site where I would have to put my cc and pay which I won't do so they told me they can't help me or provide me with a better # for experian ... I am soooo frusterated!! I have proof these are not mine but experian won't even let me give it to them! This has been 2 months that this is effecting my credit! Is this even legal???

I am totally ticked off, you can not get a life person for nothing. Very bad service.

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I don't know, everytime I have called I have been able to speak to someone. The person might not have had any answers, but they DID answer the phone?

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Experian sucks they should be taken out of bussiness

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I have gotten thru on the phone #

Experian (800) 493-1058 , you need report #.

Transunion(800) 680-7289, you need file report #

Equifax(866) 640-2273 you need confirmation # or contact
Executive Customer Service [email][/ema il] or Dinah Watson [email][/e mail] +1 (404) 885-8366.

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Tried the number given for experien and used an old report number- it worked but be careful when typing numbers in- the automated machine is just looking for an excuse to hang up on you.

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What exactly does this mean? This is a Sears card and I thought it would be reputable?

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I was recently denied credit by a bank credit card issuer. The stated reason was that Experian was unable to verify my address and telephone number. I have lived continuousy at the same address for 12 years with the same telephone number. I first obtained credit in 1957 and have never been denied since. I have had three different mortgages during that over 50 year period along with credit cards, utility bills, car loans and about anything else you can think of.

Although I don't see how it is possible, Experian was not able to verify my address and telephone number, I do understand mistakes can be made.

I attemped to contact Experian by telephone and found that to be impossible. I finally reached the corporate office and was told to send all the documentation I had to confim my address, telephone number, social security number, driver's license and other information. I sent it registered mail and Experian signed for it on April 3rd. Still no response from them.

This situation is ludicrous. We aren't talking about a bad mark on my credit, we are talking about the inept jerks at Experian not being able to verify my address and telephone number. The telephone number seems easy enough, just call me! If I answer the telephone, it must be me, right?

Now, the question becomes, how much business do merchants and banks lose due to Experian's ineptness. Also, how many of Experian's errors cause credit to be extended to unworthy borrowers. Mistakes can go either way. The best question is why can't minor problems such as this be resolved in 10 minutes or less with a simple telephone call.

Over 50 years using credit and this is the first time I have ever had any problem and Experian caused it.

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I had a excellent experience and getting fraudulent accounts off my credit report. If you have your case in Specialized Unit @ Experience. Ask to speak to Mrs. Ford ( Supervisor),she will actually get things done on your case. Also for the equifax, contact the main phone (404) and ask operator to transfer you to dinah watson or gail barnes or the othe executive cust service reps. NOT the customer reps who ask the phone. The Exec cust svc are with the CEO office and can resolve your issues faster.

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You can email or call the main phone # and ask for Patricia "Trish" Graybeal as she is the Head person of the Executive Customer Service @ EXUIFAX.. I'm really sick of them now, they now remove my online service to check my credit report. I believe this will be a lawsuit to take them to court!! When you enter you report # after the prompts for a rep, you should get some to answer. Also if you're a fraud victim( you get priority and can ask for Mrs. Ford or Mrs.Junes in the FRaud Dept to dispute you report or inquiries. You have to cert mail you police report , ID/ SSN, and affidavit of forgery to geta freeze on your credit report, you have to request a freeze ( free in certain state according to laws, some you have to pay for the freeze.)

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I am seriously considering writing to the Senate Finance Commitee about Experian's not having any personal customer services aside from the automated one--which gives no option for interfacing with a live person.

Experian, though, is quick with two other options: (1) Give us your money for a credit report and (2) hang up.

Now, Experian has the nerve to not subscribe to FICO scoring. Experian should be put out of commission.

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