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Is there an actual experian phone number live person
for Experian to speak with a live person??? Not the automated system ... I am having the most frustrating time!!

I get my credit report daily from truecredit ... there are 2 items ONLY on my experian report that are not mine. I have talked to the creditor listed and have letters dismissing me from reposibility for the items. I tried doing an online dispute with experian, they said I don't have a "report #" so I can't file a dispute unless I order a report through them. I tried to order one online said they cannot verify my identity, mailed in my identity, they mailed me back asking for the same info I just sent. So I mailed it again with a letter and all my dispute info and the letter they sent me ... again, the same generic letter. Tried to order online again, they can't verify my identity and won't let me dispute online because I don't have a report. Yet I have a report from truecredit, autofax and citifinancial BUT none with an experian credit report # ... SO I am just screwed. I called credit expert and after they verfied me on the phone they tried to walk me through online and when it did not verify me they could not explain why and sent me to another site where I would have to put my cc and pay which I won't do so they told me they can't help me or provide me with a better # for experian ... I am soooo frusterated!! I have proof these are not mine but experian won't even let me give it to them! This has been 2 months that this is effecting my credit! Is this even legal???

its actually po box 9701

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Jeez, if I want to hear/read this kind of language I can go to the corner bar.

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aubrey aubrey
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As part of a refinancing process, a credit report was generated that included data from Trans Union, Experian and others. Experian has me listed as having several alias and I have filed a dispute. Experian has emailed me the results of their investigation, however using the info they have given me I cannot access the report. (They have given me until tomorrow to do it). When I call them with the report number and provide my ss#, it says that there is no report that matches that number. I want these aliases off of my report. They are real people and probably have bad credit. Since I can't get ahold of a real person, I have no way of knowing what their investigation turned up and no way of getting aliases removed. Maybe I am being too sensitive about the aliases. I do not know where to go from here.

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I just cant understand how these people are still in buisness.... i dont Know how they sleep at night???????

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I just got a credit card application delayed for approval because Experian has my current address as being in California...I haven't lived at the current address since 1993! I have lived in Maryland for almost 10 years!!!

After reading everyone's post, I tried some of the numbers.

The number where I was able to get a live person (she was nice): (714) 830-7000.

She told me I needed to mail in a "Request to Update Address".

PO Box 9701
Allen, TX 75013

She told me to mail:
-a copy of my drivers license (proof that I am me)
-Proof of residency (Utility bill, bank statement, insurance paper).

She also told me to put my email address on the form. They may be able to email me confirmation. But otherwise, I should receive something in the mail stating that they received my request.

Good luck all!

Sub: #55 posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 10:21


This is ridiculous! I can't get a live person no matter what phone number or options I try. I am very upset, then I get hung up on!!! I will NEVER NEVER do business with Experian!

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I have been billed $14.95 on my credit card and this is crap.It is to be FREE and now since they put this on my card I have went over my limit and have to pay all this money. You cant talk to anyone just recordings. I am going to do something about this. I did talk to some person and she said that she wouldnt talk to me because I was on a speaker phone. I think that we are giving our SSN to someone over sees and the fraud will begin. I cant believe this but I am going to do something about it. I am not paying the money and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can't get anyone at the 888-397-3742 number, but I finally got rerouted to a person using the 717 area code number supplied for the Experian management.

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I opted to answer an add to get my credit score. My roommate also did at the same time. Long story short. One time charge 14.95. I could opt out at any time..... Ya, okay. it is absolutely impossible to get in touch with them to cancel the account.Oh ya, I could if I had some account # they want. I never received a hard copy and didn't know I'd need any number.Of course for a nominal fee I can get a hard copy. Are these people a bunch of crooks or am I missing something?

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I want to end my Credit experian report today.

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