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Is there an actual experian phone number live person
for Experian to speak with a live person??? Not the automated system ... I am having the most frustrating time!!

I get my credit report daily from truecredit ... there are 2 items ONLY on my experian report that are not mine. I have talked to the creditor listed and have letters dismissing me from reposibility for the items. I tried doing an online dispute with experian, they said I don't have a "report #" so I can't file a dispute unless I order a report through them. I tried to order one online said they cannot verify my identity, mailed in my identity, they mailed me back asking for the same info I just sent. So I mailed it again with a letter and all my dispute info and the letter they sent me ... again, the same generic letter. Tried to order online again, they can't verify my identity and won't let me dispute online because I don't have a report. Yet I have a report from truecredit, autofax and citifinancial BUT none with an experian credit report # ... SO I am just screwed. I called credit expert and after they verfied me on the phone they tried to walk me through online and when it did not verify me they could not explain why and sent me to another site where I would have to put my cc and pay which I won't do so they told me they can't help me or provide me with a better # for experian ... I am soooo frusterated!! I have proof these are not mine but experian won't even let me give it to them! This has been 2 months that this is effecting my credit! Is this even legal???

experian is the worst company and should be taken out of business by congress

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Call 1-866-853-0303 this worked for me for credit report dispute but I had my report number and followed the prompts, but don't remember which ones exactly.

or 1800-831-5614, opt #3

Sub: #62 posted on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 07:27


transunion is the only credit agency who offers prompt assistance in regards to your credit report. experian and equifax needs to do a better job...
its easy to have items placed on your credit but they are not so quick to remove it!!!!!:mad:

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Is anyone else having problems reaching a live person today, January 3rd, 2011?

I wanted to dispute my credit report so I called the number Experian provided: (800) 493-1058. I followed all their prompts and went through the phone tree. At the end, there was a message that they would transfer me to an agent. However, the next message I received was that they were closed for the holidays.

But as far as I know, January 3rd isn't a holiday. I've called multiple times all day with no luck.

I've even tried to reach them at their California office at 714-830-7000, but that only directs me to a voicemail and another message indicating that an operator is not available.

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I've heard that some businesses had remained shut on Jan 3, since Jan 1 was a Saturday. Please go through the following link - http://

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Call: 224.698.5600 and you can talk to a real, live person without a credit report. this is the number for the corporate office in Schaumberg, IL.

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:?:I will like to dispute some matters.

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you have to request a credit report at 18773228228 then they will send you a free credit report with there confirmation number ones a year for free

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Experian has ticked me off so bad. I needed a corporate card for a trip I had to take and experian screwed up my SSN and name so I got denied and had to use my own credit for the trip and deal with expense reporting. It took me a day but I found a number that brings you directly to a person without needing a credit report number. 1.877.284.7942 I wish I could post this number all over google so everyone can actually talk to a representative. Experian has TERRIBLE service. Im so sorry for anyone that has to deal with this company.

Sub: #69 posted on Fri, 06/10/2011 - 09:16


Thanks for posting the phone number! :-)

Sub: #70 posted on Mon, 06/13/2011 - 03:15

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