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I got a payday loan through some company that was a front for JD Marketing Group. This payday loan was not like any of the others that I did, as they do not let you know when they will be taking money out of your checking account. Any other payday loan that I did, I would receive an email that asked if I wanted to pay in full or refinance. But JD Marketing doesn't send out any notices, they just take their finance charge out and refinance your loan with no notification. Is that legal? I tried to find some kind of correspondence from when I first received the loan, but I couldn't find anything. I don't know if they didn't send it, or if I deleted it though. I tried to call and see if they could help me out by counting the money that I already paid towards the loan amount, but he refused to do so. So know I don't know what to do. Do I have any legal leg to stand on here?

It is a general rule that all legitimate companies put their terms and conditions in writing before doing business with the consumers. This will help everyone know about their smooth functioning of business. I wonder why this company didn't put anything in writing to you (unless you have deleted the email).

I also get suspicious when you asked them about your payments and the person didn't help you out. Send this request in writing so that you can prove their unfair activities when they don't respond you. Yes, you have a legal stand out there and you can take some advice of a debt counselor or a professional lawyer. Try the debt counseling first if it helps you completely.

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Gretchin Gretchin

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Search JD Marketing in the forum..There is a post from me that I contacted them and told them to quit charging me as I'd overpaid, and they did. They also sent me a Paid in Full letter.

They're actually pretty easy to work with.

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Jessi Jessi

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I to have a loan with JD Marketing and they just took out $60.00 i do believe they told me the right date however there was no phone number or followup email ever sent to me giving me the opition to pay in full or not. im thinking about putting a stop payment on it i woulk like to speak with them though dose anyone have there phone number thanks!!!!!

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I also had a loan with JD Marketing and after I applied and the funds were sent to my account I received a copy of my loan docs in the mail. They stated that the loan will continue to refinance until I called to make other arrangements. When I blocked payment on them they didn't call and harrass me because I sent them a letter explaining what was going on. Like Jessi said, they are pretty easy to deal with.
JD Marketing

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PinkLady PinkLady
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I did not pay my loan back so I got a call from this company and this person called petter hens he did not sound like he is from the united states. He said that I would be facing legal actions so I sent them 325 dollars by western union and now they are calling me agian stating that I will be going to jail for internet fraud but I did not give them any wrong information. All my other payday loans they are willing to work with you this one states that I will go to jail if I do not pay. Is this legal? I have paid them so I do not know what to do? They state that they have not recieved anything. Does this phone number sound familier 19143756859. I dont think that I have commited fraud. So what do I do? They stated that as of today I owe 895 but I allready paid them. What do I do?

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Do you have your western union receipt showing where you wired the money? I'm not sure who the phone number is but JD Marketing is based out of Las Vegas. I never had any problems dealing with them, they even issued me a refund on what I over paid them. I would check with your state's division of financial institutions to see if they are even licensed in your state to loan money. Many internet lenders are not so this could help you. They cannot send you to debtors prison or prison over this matter, that is a false statement. Keep your phone calls documented with them. Also, I would contact your state's attorney general's office to file a complaint against them if the problem persists.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I have a loan with JD as well and I don't have a number to reach them. I want to discuss paying off my full balance. What do I do? I am getting know where with this. If I don't get a response I am going to put a stop payment on them. I had a loan with them for a year now. I am giving them way to much money.

someone please help!!!!!!!!!!! 214-514-****-mobile

Phone number removed for your safety - Mike

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I am trying to find a company by the name VC Funding.(phone number, address, or email)

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scottrisnes scottrisnes

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Welcome scottrisnes , keep posting and tell us what is going on with you and what we can do to support and help you

VC Funding
2691 Richter Avenue, Ste 120
Irvine, CA 92606
phone: 1-866-281-9011
fax: 1-866-379-7667

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Can somebody provide a valid phone number for JD Marketing>?The ones listed are invalid.
They are taking 75.00 out of my account every two weeks and have not contacted me to pay it off in full.

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