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I got a payday loan through some company that was a front for JD Marketing Group. This payday loan was not like any of the others that I did, as they do not let you know when they will be taking money out of your checking account. Any other payday loan that I did, I would receive an email that asked if I wanted to pay in full or refinance. But JD Marketing doesn't send out any notices, they just take their finance charge out and refinance your loan with no notification. Is that legal? I tried to find some kind of correspondence from when I first received the loan, but I couldn't find anything. I don't know if they didn't send it, or if I deleted it though. I tried to call and see if they could help me out by counting the money that I already paid towards the loan amount, but he refused to do so. So know I don't know what to do. Do I have any legal leg to stand on here?

Hi I'm new at this so please someone help me out, I received a call from these collectors saying that I had to pay like $1150 of a $200 payday loan with JD Marketing and that if I did not settle they would go ahead and report me to my town police and have me arrested today, is this possible?
also the loan I stopped payments because I had already overpaid them and I did not have any phone number to call them.

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Carmen the manager of jd marketing is very rude, crude, and i would recommend to all who read this to steer clear of jd marketing. She lied bout trying to call my employer(she said the phone number didn't work on friday) and then said she had to *82 her number and the number just rang and rang. Then she told me "You have given me nothing but lip and i am denying your application."

Very rude people who run it.

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I am working with a PDL assistance, to consolidate my payday loans at once. Have any of you worked with them and have any feedback?

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They are not legit if they are telling you u are going to jail. You can't go to jail over a payday loan over the internet. They are just trying to scare you into paying. Plus, there is no fraud involved its there fault they should of not lend any cash without checking out everything. So if they give you a loan then its on there hands. But no fraud they have on you & plus they aint gonna do nothing no way as to it cost them more money to do.

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I had a loan with them and they had some guy calling and threatening me that I would go to jail and a police officer was on his way to my home to take me to jail. He used two fake names and he did not sound like he was in the united states. I called the police and reported them and the police said they don't arrest people for these kind of things. This companies tatics are questionable at best. Do not use this scam company.

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Does anyone know the fax number to JD Marketing.

I have brought a claim against JD Marketing Group due to the fact that they have placed a debt of $480 on my credit report as a collection that I have previously been released from. I obtained a payday loan through this company through direct deposit and was to have funds withdrawn for payback of the loan purposes on my indicated employer payday withdrawal dates. However, JD Marketing took out funds prior to the agreed upon date/day on several occasions which caused over draft fees from my account and other small items that would have went through on my bank account to be returned as well. I spoke with a manger regarding this situation two years ago, I faxed over all paper work relating to this incident and he informed me that I would be released from this debt. Now it's two years later and this is appearing on my credit file. Amount claimed: $480 for loan.

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any update on this? i found the same thing today on my report.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
You need to read all documents and information when appling for a loan on line and JD Marketing confirms in conversations with customers that you have read them. So don't complain if you have not read them and state so.
When you take a loan from JD Marketing.
You have 2 options to pay off the loan.
One option is a paydown where you pay $50 along with the finance fee for the amount you financed. And when you pay this amount it lowers your balance by $50 and it decreases your finance fee by $15.
The Second option is to pay out the balance and the finance fee.
If you don't contact JD 3 days to do the pay off or pay out option they automatically refinance your loan for the finance fees.
All this is explained in the documents customer signs electronically on-line.
If you don't understand what you are doing on line maybe you should stop filling out applications on various websites.
JD Marketing phone number is 866-722-2136 and their fax is 866-722-2137. They have an answering machine and return all calls the following day as long as you leave your name and number.
They have helped out several customers and are not a scam. It is unfortunate that some people go on line and process applications and do not understand the terms.
No where in their terms does it say you will get a notice. It is the responsibility of the consumer to be aware of these things when taking out a loan on line. Shame on you if you don't read before submitting!!!!! :(

I have tried several times today to contact JD marketing. I keep getting a recording.
I want to pay this off. I have left messages and still no return call. what can I do?

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I took out a loan from JD MArketing but the funds were never deposited into my account. Has anyone ever had this problem with them?

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I took out a loan from JD MArketing but the funds were never deposited into my account. Has anyone ever had this problem with them?

There are many many complaints about this company from members of this forum, type in their name into the search box located in the upper right hand corner of this forum, you can read them yourself.

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