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i have two kids a and a girlfriend . and i am the only one that works. my ctredit is bad and i can't get a loan no where so i am searhing for a mircale

This site has worked some miracles in the past... maybe we can squeeze another one in for you.

What exactly brings you here? Are you trying to take care of your debt... fix your credit... get a loan?

We can't quite snap our fingers and make it all happen, but if you let us know more about your situation, we may be able to steer you in the right direction and give you a few good suggestions.

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DebtCruncher DebtCruncher
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A loan can sometimes cause more problems (as we all know). And since you have titled your posting with God's name on it and are seeking a true blessing, I would start by praying and asking for one.

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Lorri Lorri
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Welcome! We will try to help you get that miracle. Just let us know what we can help you with.

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dbaker6 dbaker6

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the old motto "heart to God, hand to man" is a good one.

Please post your problems in a little more detail, and let us put our hands to your problem and try to help you out!

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You need to improve your credit before getting the loan from a good financial institution. They always consider the credit history of the person asking for the loan. The total number of accounts used by you, past payments history, credit scores, all these are important factors in the approval of the loan. Besides, the interest rates are also the key factor. Highest credit scores will fetch you lowest interest rate and vice versa. In the situation where you are in, taking a new loan will sound to be a costly business because you will have to pay high interests on the loan, provided any good institution gives it to you.

Your better alternative is to call your creditors and work out payment arrangements with them. Some will sound tough in the beginning; few will consider your plans. Keep pushing until your proposal is accepted. You may talk to a debt counselor, maybe from this site or any other good website and take their free quote. You will get some directions or else he will do the negotiations on your behalf.

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aciotsf aciotsf

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If you are waiting on GOD, you really don't have to wait any longer. He says "I will provide your every need"
I know things get rough and we mistake wants for needs but GOD is always there and he is working miricales every day, that is what makes you breath, smile, and live. What a blessing that is. I see homless everyday begging for pennies,and there are days i wish i could take them home with me, have you ever done that? You know you are blessed when you have anything that another person does not.

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How much debt are you in? What kind of problems exist on your credit report? Are there possible mistakes on your credit report?

First of all, I would recommend that you pray. Then I would recommend that you get a copy from the three credit bureaus to examine your credit report.

You may also want to consider at debt consolidation program. Seek assistance from a debt counselor (there are a few good ones here) to see what your options are.

Unfortunately, my next option would be to file bankruptcy. I hate having to tell people about bankruptcy because I don't want them to go through ten years (well for some, two years) of hell. It does free you from your debts (but not student loans, sorry). However, it appears on your credit report for ten years and you have a hard time applying for credit or paying higher interest on loans. Please contact a counselor before considering this option.

I hope this helps.

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Alexandra Alexandra

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I also have a very bad credit record and am praying for a miracle as I 've broken up with the father of my two kids.

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Dear Hazelr....please post more about your situation and hopefully, we can help you too!! I have been a single parent. don't let the finances keep you from leaving a bad relationship.....

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Lost my job 2 years ago. Been searching to no avail. Unemployment stopped a couple of months ago. Single mom. Moved in with my sister. Lost my car because i couldnt pau the note. They still want more money from me, just got court docs in the mail. Student loans, IRS, FTB all want money. Creditors and bill collectors all want money. I'm not sure how I'm going to feed my baby everyday. I need a miracle. Now.

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