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i have two kids a and a girlfriend . and i am the only one that works. my ctredit is bad and i can't get a loan no where so i am searhing for a mircale

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Lost my job 2 years ago. Been searching to no avail. Unemployment stopped a couple of months ago. Single mom. Moved in with my sister. Lost my car because i couldnt pau the note. They still want more money from me, just got court docs in the mail. Student loans, IRS, FTB all want money. Creditors and bill collectors all want money. I'm not sure how I'm going to feed my baby everyday. I need a miracle. Now.

Creditors can't do anything if you don't have money. What state are you in? Did you go to social services to get help for your baby? Also, did you apply for some kind of training through unemployment? Since your benefits ended, you should be eligible for some kind of public assistance to help you. Are you getting support from your baby's father? If not, file for child support. All those benefits cannot be touched by creditors. There is help out there.

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