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Be very cautious with these people. They tell you that your file is approved after receiving a good appraisal, get all of you documents in order, confirm and request the payoffs, FICO score okay,get your verification of income, evidence of insurabilty, etc , etc... tell you that you are good to go, that all is good and your ratios, and credit , etc conform to the guidelines and criterea of the FHA and then tell you a projected closing date forthcoming after someone reviews your file . Only to be told that some committee did not approve now ?? How do you order appraisals and payoffs, get all necessary documentation , meet income ratio and other FHA/lender guidelines including a very good track record of no late payments at all the past 2 years ( as required) and then get shot down at the very end??? I now reralize what was thought to be a ligitimate and upfront company (that tells you that once the apprasal comes in acceptable then should have no problem being approved, which a few days later was told exactly that, that my file had been approved), is in fact , looks like that just want your money and tell you what you want to hear. Sorry, but I have done my homework on FHA guidelines with the actual FHA handbook for lenders/ appraisers and underwriters and found not one thing that would disqualify me the last minute, which really should never have even remotely gotten anywhere this close to a loan close if in fact there was something that was a problem. Refinancers , etc, beware .This practice and misleading sales practice will be logged with the BBB in Maryland and a formal complaint with several other industry regulating agencies and watchdog groups to hopefully bring these shady practices to the forefront of the public and the responsible governmental agencies. Oh, and I can back up every word in this letter with electronic and written corresdpondence from this company.

Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience regarding New Day Financial in the forums. The experience that you've gone through will help others to decide whether or not they should deal with the same company.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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New Day Financial is a known predatory lender, they will mislead and connive you into taking a bad loan. Avoid them at all costs!!!!

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