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Mom got credit in my name

Submitted by on Wed, 05/14/2008 - 13:20
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At the age of 10 my mom made me make up a birthday that made it seem like I was older. I was clueless as to how she would use it. She used it along with my social security number to get multiple credit cards. I had noticed every once and a while that the cards she used at the stores had my name on it but I was still too young to understand. Then I turned 18 and it became clear that she hadn't been paying them. She explained to me how she could go to jail if I just told the collectors that it was her fault so that option was out. She put the delinquent cards into a debt consolidation program where I have to pay over $200 a month for the next two years or so (I've been doing it for the past year). All the while I get harassing calls and I don't think the program is the proper one. All in all, my questions are: Is there a way I can get the debt written off by telling my situation without legal consequences for my mother? How can I check to see if my debt consolidation program's legit? Is there a way to make the creditors give me the same "deals" through my consolidation program? Is it going to be harder to settle the debt since I've started to pay it?
Sorry about the lengthiness