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Indiana - online PDL Troubles

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I live in Indiana and I have taken out several online PDL's. A few of them have just charged me the interest for over a year now. I am in a trap and can't seem to get out of it. $300 a week is taken out of my checking account and that is just the fees. The companies I deal with or have Dealt with are Cash Direct, Up Front Pay Day, Paycheck Today, Discount Advances, Interim, Instant Cash Til Pay Day, One Click Cash, MTE, and Zip Cash. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I have the state laws but I do not have the C&D letter..

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Tweety71 Tweety71

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Okay, where should I start first, closing the bank account or contacting pdl's and ask for arrangements or file complaint with Attorney General's office, I'm a little confused...

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Where should I start first?? Close bank account, contact pdl companies ask for options, file complaints with Attorney General's office??? How do I file claim with Attorney General and what do I say? What all needs to be done for correspondence to the pdl companies? I guess I'm all confused.

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Close your bank account first. Then file with the AG's office, then write the letters to the pdl's. You can usually file the complaints online with your state AG. Go to their website and they will have a form and instructions on how to fill it out. Just be honest, tell them how much you have been charged, etc.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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guest, we can help you! :D Before we tell you where to begin, we'll need a little more information. Are they internet pdl's? Are they storefront pdl's? Which companies are you dealing with? How much did you borrow? How much have you paid so far? And what state do you reside in? If you post this information, we can go from there! :D

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cannr cannr

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Oh, I wasn't thinking . . . . I just assumed the guest poster was the original poster not signed in . . . . But it totally could be another person.

If this is a new person, please provide the info Cannr requested . . . . I can split the post to start you a new thread.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

(Posts: 7935 | Credits: ) this the same person? Now I'm confused! I thought it was a guest posting under this thread!

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cannr cannr

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I don't know . . . . I guess we will have to wait and see if they post again!

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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Tweety...I am PM'ing you a copy of the letter I used...

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Morningstarr430 Morningstarr430

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oops, yes it's me Bikergirl, can't figure out how to get back logged in... lol

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