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Two of my Sears accounts were purchased and placed with NAFS

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Anyone ever had to deal with National Action Financial Services, Inc. (NAFS)? Last week two of my Sears accounts were purchased and placed with NAFS. I have been working with a debt settlement company for over a year. Things had been going well, but about a month ago my advisor with the debt settlement company quit without notice. Unfortunetly, clients were not informed of this. She had done an amazing job over the past year with my creditors. Now that she's gone things seem to be unraveling. I'm hoping once they get reorganized things will improve again. However, in the meantime I have NAFS breathing down my neck. I owe about $19,000 between the two accounts they have taken on. Does anyone know what this collection agency is like to deal with? So far they seem very uncooperative, and not willing to settle. They just took these accounts last week. Do you think they may be more willing to settle after a month or so? Also does anyone know how often they attempt lawsuits? Thanks...NDebt

I am receiving these same phone calls as JackNJill above. I to my knowledgs don't owe anything to any one.

They leave a recorded message saying to call the 800 number. The voice on the recording is the same all the time even though he keeps on changing his name, and they never identify themselves nor do they identify whom they're calling. I did a search on google on the 716 number, and got to this thread.

I have so far 14 messages saved in my voicemail.

Please Advise,

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leibtek, I will suggest you to call them back and inquire about the purpose. You should not get calls without a legitimate purpose. If they don't have anything to prove, your name must be off from their system. Don't ignore otherwise calls will never end. Besides, you are in a stronger situation to send a cease and desist letter as you don't owe anything. If you do, it needs to be proven in writing

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Gretchin Gretchin

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I don't owe anybody anything, and if I do, my depts are paid on time, but this company keeps calling me. The last message was very rude, so I called the 800 number, asked for the person that left the message so I could give them a piece of my mind. The man finally came on the phone, asked for someone by name (not me) and I said, 'No, I'm Holly' and tried to say more, but he hung up on me.

How RUDE!! They better stop calling, I'm getting fed up!

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I just received a phone call on my cell. When I called the number left 1-800-982-0484 the person that I spoke with (Frank White) insisted I was someone else (someone I never heard of) and said this person made a phone call from my cell phone. I explained I never heard of the person he was asking for and insisted this person called him on my cell phone. I am the only person using my cell phone. He was extremely rude. I had no clue who I was speaking with until I found this phone number 1-800-982-0484 on the internet. Now I know who I was speaking with.

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Every collection agency I look up has something negative said about them.... The real question is can you find something good said about a collection agency. Does anyone have a postive remarks about paying a bill that they haven't paid in over a year? And if you know direct me to the website!

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I have just hung the phone up on the above menbtioned collection agency. they have been leaving their now famouse message that i call back that 800 number and settle this annonymous matter asap. "rude" would be an understatement! the guy who picked up the phone was as nasty as can be and did not stop shouting and when i asked him to chill hung the phone up on me! i kept on calling them back until i got him to promise to remove me from his records. i propose anyone who has gooten harrased by them to block their numbers and just keep on calling them and blocking their lines! that should teach them a lesson or two i believe!

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I haven't even launched my internet business yet and I've been getting calls from NAFS looking for a Carlos Ruiz. I got so tired of their messages that I finally picked up. The man had the right name of my company and my address, but asked for Carlos Ruiz. I told him that he does not work for my company, then we said goodbye and hung up. It's still nagging me that someone knows of a business that hasn't even gone live yet. It makes me nervous that I might be a potential victim of fraud. I don't owe anybody anything, and I always pay my bills on time. So how in the world do these collection companies have the right to get your info and go after you? I'm completely confused. Just trying to make a living and support your family is becoming increasingly difficult with all of these scams.

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To confused.. It's possible that your # or address may be old information of Ruiz. If your phone # or address listed to the name of your company in directoy assitance that is how they may have known that information. If you get a message from an company and they have a wrong # call them back to let them know right away. The calls will continue until they get contact. Don't worry I don't think your being scammed. If you are worried about fraud it may be a good idea to pull your credit report every 6 months to see if there is something there that shouldn't be. Careful though, you don't want to many inquires, it will bring your score down.

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My mother was receiving calls and quite upset. First time I called I asked to know who they were trying to reach - I was told the phone number that was being called was not in their "database" - chalked it up to a misdial. BUT the calls kept coming! Finally called back and when I asked "Who are you trying to reach at this number?" again told phone number was not in database.

Because I got a "human" I started asking what was going on - only to have the same refrain - "that number has been pulled or is not in our database". When I mentioned State Attorney Genneral, harrassement the gentleman acted concerned. When I made the comment that no one left a business name or personal name when calling I had a problem (especially since I was returning a call they made!) When I pointed out that when he answered the phone with just a "hello" ( no personal/professional info - just hello) he got nasty and hung up on me.

THANKS! for the address info! Now I have some ammo to go after them and give to the AG's office! This is bs - you call them back and get the run around and they claim nothing, but they still keep calling!

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NAFS will do any type of look ups on any family member, and leave messages on their machines as well. I have family members being harassed for a deceased family member, and now they are constantly calling the inlaws house. My MIL has repeatedly informed them they are NOT to call her home anymore, but the very next day, she gets more, sometimes two a day. We have now taken action and filed a complaint with the FTC and she can actually receive at least 1K and perhaps more for this constant intrustion, and daily harassment they do. She saves all incoming numbers and names, writes down the times they come in, and then I make another complaint to the FTC on her behalf.

Even when she picks up the phone, it can be an automated recording, but a few times, she has spoken with someone, and when she told them NEVER to call her home again, and that they do not have the rights to, the 'employee' replied: yes we do, and I'll make sure this continues until we are paid. Then told her she was 'obnoxious and rude' before he hung up on her. :P The gov't loves stuff like that when they get that in their complaints.

Just remember to log all calls, because even if you DO owe someone, they cannot harass you, the law states that. And NAFS is known to tell people they will 'sue them' for payment. Sears must make that determination, not them.

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