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Two of my Sears accounts were purchased and placed with NAFS

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Anyone ever had to deal with National Action Financial Services, Inc. (NAFS)? Last week two of my Sears accounts were purchased and placed with NAFS. I have been working with a debt settlement company for over a year. Things had been going well, but about a month ago my advisor with the debt settlement company quit without notice. Unfortunetly, clients were not informed of this. She had done an amazing job over the past year with my creditors. Now that she's gone things seem to be unraveling. I'm hoping once they get reorganized things will improve again. However, in the meantime I have NAFS breathing down my neck. I owe about $19,000 between the two accounts they have taken on. Does anyone know what this collection agency is like to deal with? So far they seem very uncooperative, and not willing to settle. They just took these accounts last week. Do you think they may be more willing to settle after a month or so? Also does anyone know how often they attempt lawsuits? Thanks...NDebt

I always paid on time until I ran into a big problem, lost my job. Over time I owed Sears and explained the situation and told them I would do everything humanly possible to start paying off the account. Suddenly I started getting threating calls from Sears collection agency. The lady screamed at me caled me names threatened me called me every min on the min called my parents. I told the lady I would try to get some money but she gave me one day. She said the whole amount must be paid. Well, I didnt have the money. She gave me a bad credit and I did pay off the account in full and asked them to pardon the bad credit for 6 years. THEY SAID NO. ALSO THEY TOOK ALL MY SEARS POINTS THAT ACCUMULATED OVER THE YEARS. I WANT JUSTICE. I WANT ALL MY POINTS BACK. THAT WOULD BE STEALING FROM ME AS A CUSTOMER. ANY ADVICE.


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My family member got a phone call from nafs asking for me, and when I called the number back they said they needed the original phone number or my s.s. # to see what the original call was about. Now that seems fishy to me beings that if they called for me my name should be on a computer screen or something cause I sure wasnt about to give then my s.s.# over the phone? Also when the called my sis in law they were extremely rude and rude to me as to they hung up on me when I wouldnt provide my s.s.# So I am wondering what do I do? Cause I have no idea what this could be in reguards to?

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I keep receiving calls like everyone else here, my latest was today. I have made several calls to this company to tell them that the person they are looking for is not at my number. Each time they tell me they are removing my number from their system. Today I called and I had a hell of a time finding out their exact name and where they were located. One woman put me on hold for so long, I hung up and called back. The next person hung up on me when they found out I wasn't who they were looking for. They again insisted my number is removed from their system. How can I report this company, and get them to stop calling me?

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Is this legal? She is not a co-signer or anything.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks again.

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These people call and call and call..... I've called them back I don't know how many times and told them they have the wrong number, they are asking for a male, and there are no males in my household. Each time I am assured that my number will be removed from the system, but it has yet to happen. I just called there AGAIN, and spoke with a receptionist who said that everyone was gone for the day and her computer was shut down so there was nothing she could do for me. When I asked her name she said 'It doesn't matter' and slammed the phone down on me. I'mreally getting tired of these harrassing calls that don't even belong to me. I filed a complaint with the FTC, I'm not sure what else to do, but it's really frustrating!

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It amazes me to find these jerks are members of NYS BBB? Or is that listing a scam?
Frankly, I don't see how these people even collect a debt.
The first call I recieved was in October 2006 and was told they were attempting to collect a Sears debt that had long been in dispute. When I attempted to explain this the person simply hung up?
Calls then began EVERY day for the next 2 months! What is incredible is that the person was always obnoxious and rude and would end by hanging up - never once did the person calling even try to "collect" this debt - it was plain and simple harrassment.
Which struck me as bizarre since if they were trying to collect a debt this was sure a strange way to do it.
When I didn't answer or was unavailable they'd leave this pre-recorded mesage - loud (and a pathetic attempt to sound intimidating)and threatening but a VAGUE warning I better call them back implying legal action would be taken. This tactic gets ridiculous after the 10th message in one month!
Since these people would NOT talk intelligently on the phone and would always hangup! Once the person claimed he had talked to me "3 days ago" and I had promised to pay? No such conversation took place. Yet before I could reply he hung up!
Is this how you try to collect a debt?
To finally end this nonsense I sent a cease & desist letter and the calls stopped.
I would advise anyone who is contacted by these idiots - don't even waste time speaking to them - it serves no purpose. They will continue to call so you must send a cease & desist ASAP.

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I was looking online for some info on NAFS and found this site. For those who have dealt with NAFS, I would very much appreciate your insights. I've never had a bill go to collections, so I have a few questions to ask. first, the scenario...

my wife and I married months ago. her past accounts had been purchased by a private collector last year, and her attempts to negotiate a settlement with this company failed -- they didn't want to hear about it. They were rude to her on the phone and hung up. She tried calling back several times, but they would not pick up, until she called from another phone. THey must have caller ID or something. anyways, when she identified herself, they hung up.

Months later, we receive a letter from an attorney's office from across the state who submitted an order. She responded to the order, and we had not heard from them since.

Beginning last week, NAFS have left voicemails, identifying themselves from the "pre-legal" department, and has asked for her or her attorney to return the call.

My wife does not appear on any of my accounts or on the house title. questions are:

(1) since this has been submitted to the court, and NAFS appears to have some influence on this account, what are the chances that we could negotiate a settlement with them? When she got back on her feet last year, she tried in earnest to negotiate a settlement. again, she has not heard of any follow-up from the court situation.

(2) while I was not involved in her accounts in collections, now that we're married, is there a risk to my financial assets and records, even if she is not on my accounts?

(3) what exactly is a "pre-legal" department, and what is their role?

and one more question:
(4) should she/we retain an attorney?

Thanks much, and any other helpful information to me would be truly appreciated.

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I had a great exsperience working with these people.
They were great to work with and very cooperative.
They worked a deal with me and everything was cleared

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