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Two of my Sears accounts were purchased and placed with NAFS

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Anyone ever had to deal with National Action Financial Services, Inc. (NAFS)? Last week two of my Sears accounts were purchased and placed with NAFS. I have been working with a debt settlement company for over a year. Things had been going well, but about a month ago my advisor with the debt settlement company quit without notice. Unfortunetly, clients were not informed of this. She had done an amazing job over the past year with my creditors. Now that she's gone things seem to be unraveling. I'm hoping once they get reorganized things will improve again. However, in the meantime I have NAFS breathing down my neck. I owe about $19,000 between the two accounts they have taken on. Does anyone know what this collection agency is like to deal with? So far they seem very uncooperative, and not willing to settle. They just took these accounts last week. Do you think they may be more willing to settle after a month or so? Also does anyone know how often they attempt lawsuits? Thanks...NDebt

If I( ignore the debt will it go away?

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Anonymous 1 is right they cannot file against you, and they will have the account for about 6 months. If you put money aside I think you can arrange a settlement with the company that it is sent to after NAFS. They received the account from the purchaser witch is LVNV Funding. You can settle the account in the future for about 30% at LVNV funding if they do not accept your offer they will counter at 80% that will let you know that the account is going to another company. Best time to settle with any collection company is at the end of the month. Good luck.

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??????? I received a female voice message in my cell phone stating that either I or my attorney should call back at 716-250-4838 to resolve an issue.
??????? I was wondering what it could be and called back. One gentleman responded and I said I was calling back. I was put on hold without asking any question.
??????? A lady responds saying my name though I didn????????t tell the gentleman who I was.
??????? She said they are a law firm assigned by Bank of America to sue me because, since 2005, I stopped paying a credit balance of $9,760. In fact, I do not have any such thing and I informed her they must have mistaken because I keep records and data bases of all my credit accounts.
??????? Immediately, she started threatening me that I must pay right now or they will sue me and my life will be a hell.
??????? Interestingly, she was telling names of the credit cards I have and the accounts I have with Bank of America (BOA). She said, I must pay now either by any of those credit cards or from my accounts with BOA. She then told me exact balances I have in my accounts.
??????? I strongly argued and she hung up with threats of suing me and making my life hell.
??????? I called BOA customer service, credit dept and fraud protection dept. They said, they do not have any such thing against me. Also, I do not have any due unpaid credit balance with them
??????? I am worried that these people know my account balances. I am very worried that there are many senior citizens who could be a victim of these people because of senile degenerative conditions and amnesia.
??????? This lady is highly skilled to scare people and she is very smart. Unfortunately for her, I am too much educated, experienced and seen the world. She could not instantly victimize me. BUT she is very very intelligent and can easily scare common people and especially senior citizens. I think they are robbing people.

Any one has any idea about these people??

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The lady called me today and told me to do the same thing. She said that I, or my attorney should contact her. What scares me is that she knew your accounts and balances in your accounts.
The thing that made me wonder though is that they called from one number and told me to call them back at a different number. The number registered by the caller ID was 716-250-4800...if you google it, you'll see that a lot of people are harassed very badly.

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hello everyone, I am Cathrine. I'm new here and I just wanted to say hello to everyone, I've actually been reading a lot of posts on this forum for a while but this is my first post here :)

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Here's an idea - how about you PEOPLE PAY YOUR DEBTS so the rest of us don't have to pick up the tab. If you need credit to buy it, YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT. Not rocket science.

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Bravo to you moron, you answered to a post from last year. You are so smart.

How about this, go back to your padded room and eat your own shit.

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A while back, when economic outlooks were better, National Action Financial Services LLC, or NASF, joined with an entity named SITEL, who claims to conduct business globally and was a very profitable customer service outsourcing company (the phone rep whom you can't understand) until the global economy tanked and the conglomerates outlook became less rosy.
SITEL, not educating themselves adequately on U.S. consumer protection laws and underestimating potential liability, began ratcheting up pressure on the NAFS collections operations to increase contributions , who then leaned on consumers too aggressively which won them at least one hefty fine in 2007 for illegal collection practices.
SITEL has not been overly generous in sharing their results since 2006, and there???s speculation that it is experiencing some losses worldwide. The fine that their collections side was penalized was absorbed and doesn't seem to have dampened their over-aggressive confrontational style. It is unlikely, given their worsening financial status, that SITEL will back off their over-zealous behavior very much for the reason that improved earnings from the collection operations are now so urgently needed, and foreign owned companies are notoriously slow to learn about American culture as well as applicable consumer law. They will likely have to take a few more significant legal hits before stepping back and rethinking the risky NAFS model.
Washington, D.C. 20549 FORM 15
Commission File No. 001-12577
SITEL Corporation
(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)


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HA - *I* am not delinquent in any debt --- they are calling for my SON (who happens to have the same name as his father, different only by II and III!) who left home over a year ago with no contact information! I don't even know if he's ALIVE b/c he hasn't bothered to call, write or email! SO, what's a mom to do?!?!?!

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Nafs called me to say i owe a huge bill i openedin 1995... Why take thislong to contact me,,, plus i never had this account,, they knew my ss# i wonder how they got this??? Also i dont have this account on my credit bureau..... Something is fishy?????

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