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I live in ND and have five payday loans out and I have one internet payday loan out from a company in SD. I can't pay them back. I have closed my bank account. Any suggestions on how to deal with the companies now? I want to pay them back but like a lot of people I have read about on these posts I just can't keep making these payments every two weeks. My loans total 3,200.00. Thats with interest and fees. I did contact one company and they were wonderful. I am paying them 50.00 every two weeks and they are not charging me any additional fees. This company is advance America.

The SD internet company did have a wage assignment clause in it. I don't know where to look to see if this is illegal in ND. Any ideas. Thanks everyone.

Others better equipped to help you will be along shortly. I've provided a summary of ND PDL laws...this might help you sort through your situation a little bit.

You can write a letter (make 2 copies) revoking the wage assignment. Send the first to the PDL, and get a return receipt. Show the second copy to your payroll department, and explain that no company is authorized to touch your wages, short of a judgement. dls-laws.html

You stated that one company was pleasant to deal with, be prepared for some nasty calls from other companies. They may threaten you with arrest or prosecution, but these are idle, illegal threats. Best of luck to you.

PS: Make sure you file complaints with your AG/DFI against any company that mistreats you

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Morningstar Morningstar

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Dear Scared,

Have you contacted each of these companies to see what kind of payment arrangements can you make? Advance America is a good company to work with because they are willing work with you to get the debt paid.

Read your state laws regarding payday loans. In many states, the loans are considered illegal.

Have you considered resolving the other ones with debt consolidation? There are many debt consolidation companies out there, many of which have information on this message board. If you are considering debt consolidation through a company, please read information on the different types of companies that work with payday loans on this website. Be forewarned that these companies charge a fee to begin with their services. Also, you may want to consider the Do It Yourself method found on this website. It can help you out alot and save you so money.

Good luck to you.

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Alexandra Alexandra

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Scared, please list the companies that you have loans with, the amount you borrowed and the amount you have already paid back. There are alot of us here who will probably have dealt with the same companies that you are dealing with, we can tell you the best approach to use. If you have paid a long time, you may get some marked paid in full and we have seen some refunds also. Please list the requested information and someone will be along to help you shortly. Get ready to do some letter writing and some emailing, we will help you get through this. Hang in there, we are here to help. Goodluck

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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god bless you all!!! i have felt so alone in all this. It's nice to know that I am not the only one in this situation. It was stupid and i will never set foot in another payday loan place. The following is the list of companies I owe and the $ amount.
-Advance America, $600.00. (they have agreed to take 50.00 payments every two weeks). They are great to work with.
-America Cash, $480.00 ( I haven't worked up the nerve to contact them or any of the others yet)
-Mr. Money, $600.00
-Payday Express, $360.00
-Cash Connection, $600.00 (Think I might go in next week and just pay this one off. The day I took this one out I also closed my account later that day and it appears that under ND law they can pursue criminal charges if you close your account the same day you take out the loan)
-Tremont Financial, $600.00 (This is the online one out of Sioux Falls, SD)
Again, thank you all for your advice and direction. I have been so stressed I can't eat or sleep.

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scared -

which are the storefront loans, and which are the internet? Also, can you tell us how much you've already paid towards them? That will help us to provide better advice for you.

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All of them are storefront except Tremont. I haven't paid anything on them yet. I have had all these loans and rolled them over and paid them off so many times I can't count. But it is the cycle of having to pay a couple off then take out a couple to pay the others off and so on and so on.

At this point I owe exactly what I listed above. Except for Advance America. I forgot to include the 20.00 return check charge they are charging me.

I did also check into debt consolodation. I have found out that there are two programs. Debt consolodation and debt settlement. I have spoken to four different companies who have all told me that they no longer deal with payday loans because payday loan companies won't work with them. I also had an appoinment with an attorney. I was informed I am eligiable for chapter 7 and payday loans are dischargeable. However, I do not want to do this if I don't have to.

I am pretty sure I am going to work with a christian debt consolation companey in my local area to consolodate some high interest credit cards and past due medical bills. But that does not help me with my payday loans.


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Maximum Number of Outstanding Loans at One Time: Not Specified ($600 aggregate loans outstanding to all licensees)

Do I read this to mean a person can have up to $600 in PDLs at one time? Isn't a database fee used when the state mandates a DB setup to help prevent people from getting too far into debt with PDLs?

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Morningstar Morningstar

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Don't know what this means. I think it does mean a person is not suppose to have more than 600.00 loans out at one time. Our state is not set up on a database yet. I just found out that the state is mandating all stores by April 15 to be connected to a database so people can no longer take out multiple loans. When I took out all these loans I did not know what this meant and I was never asked by any store if I had any other outstanding loans at any other places.

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In fact, When I first read that I read it to understand that you could not have more than one loan with each licensee. Maybe it would help if they said things in layman's terms so people understood. I think getting the stores connected to a data base is a good thing. This would have helped me out. Guess I'm one of those people who needs laws to protect me from myself. I do think since our state hasn't been required to be connected to a data base the payday stores maybe should explain this to a person. I just went in and applied and was handed the money. Not blaiming anyone but myself but if I would have been asked if I had any other outstanding payday loans I would have been honest and said yes. When people are desparate for money who reads the fine print. (I did, but still don't quite understand it)

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(Also, you may want to consider the Do It Yourself method found on this website. It can help you out alot and save you so money.)

How do I find the above info?

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