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I live in ND and have five payday loans out and I have one internet payday loan out from a company in SD. I can't pay them back. I have closed my bank account. Any suggestions on how to deal with the companies now? I want to pay them back but like a lot of people I have read about on these posts I just can't keep making these payments every two weeks. My loans total 3,200.00. Thats with interest and fees. I did contact one company and they were wonderful. I am paying them 50.00 every two weeks and they are not charging me any additional fees. This company is advance America.

The SD internet company did have a wage assignment clause in it. I don't know where to look to see if this is illegal in ND. Any ideas. Thanks everyone.

Well, as soon as you get the PDL's taken care of, you should have a bit more money in your wallet.

And I don't eat my money either, but I'm still pretty broke too. There's only so much you can trim from your some point, I just realized I simply wasn't making enough money.

If you register, you'd have access to the PM function of this site. As an added bonus, you'd earn a little bit from each post you make. You can do the community signup if you don't want the credit counseling call.

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Does anyone know is it easier to work with the company or a collection agencey? Or do they skip collections and file a judgement?

If your debt is relatively small, I'd think they'd prefer to not go to court, as they have to pay up front for the court costs.

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It would be cheaper for you to do it yourself, you just have to have a plan and stick to it. No sense in having someone else do it for you and pay for it.

As far as the payday loans, since you have already dealt with advance america, tell them about the other companies and see what they have to say. Sometimes you will get the more of the truth straight from the horses mouth. I know the advance america here was easy to deal with and the manager has been in the financial business for a long time. He doesn't care to work with payday loans, but a job is a job. Anyway, he was a great help with another issue that I was having with an old credit card debt. He knew alot about the law and what they are likely to do. The one in your area, may be able to tell you what the other storefronts would be like to deal with. They tend to know each others habits. It don't hurt to ask. Just a thought.

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I found this webpage a while ago, it has some free budget stuff on it that is easy to use. I printed off all the free forms, they let you see where you are now, where you want to be and how your are going to get there. Hope they help.
( s.php?cpn=AFC-budgetadvice)

go to the middle of the page and you will see where you can print out the free worksheets. they are real simple to use.

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My company does work with payday loan companies. I would be glad to help you get back on your feet if I can.

I have found that with most payday loan companies, their willingness to work with you seems to increase over time.

Do not misunderstand me...I am not saying that you do not need to pay them, please, continue as you were but I think that I can get them to settle the amounts owed and due.

If you are interested, please contact me: email address removed per forum rules-jessi In your email state you spoke with me.

I believe I can get most of the fee's waived for you too.

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I work for a debt negotiation company that works with payday loan companies. I believe that I may be able to help you.

Please email me at the co email email address removed per forum rules--jessi We will need to speak in order to review your entire situation.

I am a part owner of the company and will help you with this for free. email address removed per forum rules--jessi

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Alicia debt negotiator.

I am intereted in your help but I don't understand how to get in touch with you since your email was removed above. Thanks

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does anyone know how I can go about contacting Alicia?

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scared - The forum rules state no e-mails (personal or business) may be listed in posts - this is for everyone's protection.

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can she list her companies name and where they are?

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