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I live in ND and have five payday loans out and I have one internet payday loan out from a company in SD. I can't pay them back. I have closed my bank account. Any suggestions on how to deal with the companies now? I want to pay them back but like a lot of people I have read about on these posts I just can't keep making these payments every two weeks. My loans total 3,200.00. Thats with interest and fees. I did contact one company and they were wonderful. I am paying them 50.00 every two weeks and they are not charging me any additional fees. This company is advance America.

The SD internet company did have a wage assignment clause in it. I don't know where to look to see if this is illegal in ND. Any ideas. Thanks everyone.

None of them are licensed in pa, and they are prohibited, but there is a loophole that lets them lend and collect through another state, in my case they used Nevada. Imagine that.

I am not real sure what the answer is for you, but this is how it works in Pa. Goodluck

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how do you start a new thread? I cannot figure it out. Unless someone can answer for me here.

I have read somewhere on this sight about the subject but can't find it now. I read that is is illegal for collection agencies to reage accounts. Anyone know anything about this?

I have several bills that are older than seven years and they were at sometime bought out by a collection agency. The agency then reaged my account so now it is on my credit report for another seven years. I have a several of these on my credit report. In fact a couple of account have been bought out a couple of times and reaged each time. Doesn't seem like they should be able to do this. Thanks for any input.

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Look at the top or the bottom of this page, see where it says "new topic" just click on that button and you are on your way.

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Yes, it is illegal to reage debts, which I'm pretty sure is covered under the FCRA
. I believe you can file a complaint with the FTC.

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thank you very much for that information.

Couple more things (sorry, I'm new). Any ever heard of Assest Acceptance? (they happen to be one company that has reaged a couple of my accounts). And how do I get creditors to stop calling me at work? It is extremely humiliating and I am busy at work. I am getting like 10 calls a day from different creditors and sometimes the same creditors.

Two more things. How do I post a new thread and what do the Debtcc Points mean (or, where can I find info on what it means?) I have tried to find the info on this sight and am at a loss. Seems a tad bit confusing trying to navigate and find info on how to start a new thread and find info on how this sight works like the debtcc points.

I'm not complaining. you all have been wonderful. I don't know if I would still have my sanity if not for you. And what a wealth of info. I will be forever greatful I stumbled across this sight. God bless you all.

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