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Anybody heard of this company? Are they a CA? If so, what is there phone number?

Sorry, forgot to mention the company is Anthony Galloway & Associates. They claim to be a law firm working for United Fed Bank.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 11/08/2005 - 08:14


Hi MD,

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Anthony Galloway and Associates is collecting a past debt from you on behalf of United Fed Bank. They must have given you a call back number to place the call.

Call them and inquire the purpose for calling you. If they are asking for any past debt, ask them to send you a debt validation. This will help you to know the details of the past account and you can make payment arrangements to it.


Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 11/08/2005 - 08:21

roxette roxette

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I spoke to them. They said they are just 'notifying' me of an action that United Fed Bank is placing on me. The lines seemed to be very familiar to those of Ellis Crosby & Associates. They said they are not attempting to collect debt, but they did tell me how much I should be paying. Does this make sense? I'm trying to figure out if they are a law firm or a collection agency. The man's name is Franklin and his number is 904-685-5008. I cannot find anything out about this company. The man was very hard to understand also.

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One other thing, I just called them to see if I were to pay my debt, where would I send my payment. It seems they would gladly take my payment from me. I would have to send a moneygram to them: Offices of Anthony Galloway & Associates. Since when do lawyers take care of financial payments for their clients. I keep asking for their address so I can send a validation request to them. I am almost positive I paid them off. If not, I know my balance is very low but they are charging me over $500. So any help of an address would be great by anyone.

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The call I received from them was the same. They called from a (713) area code and gave me a (904) area code to call back. They told me i was going to be arrested for fraud. They didnt have any detail of my account to give me.

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They couldn't give me many details either - very weird. Then when I asked where to send my payment, all of a sudden they knew everything. Where to send, my account number (which they didn't know previously). Did you send them anything? I would like to send them a debt validation. I honestly believe I paid off this collector and if I didn't, I know I don't owe what AG&A is telling me I owe.

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No I didnt send them a thing. Originally just three days prior to them calling me Accounts Receivable Tech was holding this account. I sent them a validation letter but I havent heard back from them. I will wait to hear from Accounts Rec Tech before I send anyone a dime.

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You must see your latest credit report copy and ensure that the said company has not hit your file illegally by putting a negative impact.

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 11/08/2005 - 10:58

ben ben

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just pulled all 3 last week and nothing was on them.
I will keep checking on it though. Thanks

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The name Anthony Galloway is used by Ted Crosby when he was a collector. This information has been given by one of our guest's attorney.

Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 11/10/2005 - 11:22

roxette roxette

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