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Is there a way to consolidate PDLs

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With the way the support from the AG's office is going I'm really starting to panic here. What if the remaining 10 come after me full guns? Does anyone know of anywhere you can get a PDL consolidation loan?

I would not recommend borrowing more money to pay these people off. It will only make things worse.

There are companies that do consolidate pdl debt. T&C is one of them. You may also want to look into Langhorn Law. It's a pdl settlement company. It's run by a lawyer that used to work for the pdl's, so he knows how to make them cave.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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I would be careful with PDL consolidation. I was about to sign up for one, but they came back with a $2000 a month payment (including a $50 monthly service fee)! I'm sorry but if I had an extra 2-grand hanging around each month, I wouldn'T be in this position in the first place. They would not budge on this payment amount. I have also heard some stories about these PDLs not "recognizing or acknowledging" the payments received by these consolidation places. I PERSONALLY think it is do-able and more economical to do it on your own. It takes work and most of these collectors are nasty. However, I have found if you call them up and say, "Listen I have XX in hand right now to apply to my balance - are you going to accept it? I hvae found, so far, that they will. They will say that it isn'T enough and isn'T in the agreement they came up with, but they will take it. Especially in my case where I have 7. So, when they get all huffy about the payment, I simply say... "Hey listen, I have 7 of tehse PDLs, and I will go to someone else who will take this money... and guess what - then they take it! Now, they all haven'T been mean. One said, as long as you stay in contact with us and are willing to make payments - we'll take them.

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volleykmf1129 volleykmf1129

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You can look into T&C or Langehorne, but be sure to see what their fees are and exactly how they operate. I would hate to see you paying money to someone to pay these ILLEGAL pdl's off. That's just another debt you will have - monthly. So the illegal pdl's would be paid (but they're illegal) and you'd have to pay the consolidation company. It doesn't hurt to look into it. But just weigh out all the options. Please hang in there. We can help you, mperez.

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cannr cannr

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Mperez, You can do this on your own but if you want to check into it, here is the number to T&C
Town & Country Acceptance

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bflow30 bflow30

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Mperez- I may have missed part of your story, but are these pdls legal in your state? I would keep checking with your AGs office, many people have gotten some relief from them looking into this, I know it does take some time. If these are legal ones, try to make an arrangement with them. Like someone said, pay what you can until you can get them caught up-if they are legal. Like Goudah, borrowing money will only keep you trapped, try to work something out with the AGs office. On the site where it tells you if they are legal, it also gives info on who else to complain to. Hang in there, and know we are here to help...Karen :D

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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Volley-a $2000 a month payment? What in the world? That is insane, who could afford that?

Mperez, I think you can do this yourself but if you really wanted to consolidate or get into a debt settlement plan, and this is ONLY my opinion and nothing more, I would use Langhorne debt solutions. Like goudah said, the owner used to work for pdl's and he knows how to deal with them, he has all their contact info, and he can and will put them in their place. I have not dealt with this company, this is just information I know from this forum and ONLY my opinion.

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Sassnlucy Sassnlucy
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Mperez...I would have to go back and look at you older posts...but if these are ipdls...and they are not licensed...I would/am fight them out. Take one at a time...

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Morningstarr430 Morningstarr430

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I have had a better day and after getting great advice from others here I finally am going to get some help. I am mailing my complaints to the Internet division of the NY AG's office in the morning and I'm filing with the NY BBB this evening. Out of the 10 loans I have left to deal with I know that 1899800CASH is licensed, 6 are MTE (or their DBA's), 1 is Cash2DAY4U (so I'm not worrying about them) and the other two I need to research yet: my cash now and Discount Advances of Credit Protection Depot. So I'm going to hang in there for now. At least with the AG and BBB behind me I'm sure they can help with the ones that are licensed and definetly help with the ones that aren't.

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Good for you, Mperez. It gets frustrating to deal with but hang in there. You can do this. At least your money is safe and you can live a little easier now. Take it one day at a time and one PDL at a time until they are done. You will be fine.

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bflow30 bflow30

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Mperez, you go girl. I know that you can do this. I am glad that you are having a better day today!!!

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Sassnlucy Sassnlucy
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