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12/1/16 Zoca Loans- 600 - Paid (1142.26)
5/18/17 Zoca Loans - 1000 - Paid (253.39) -Balance (879.90)

Hi I am currently dealing with Zoca Loans, and they are also being difficult. I looked on their website, and it does state that they are a tribal lender from the Sioux tribe. They are also known as Rosebud Lending ZSO. They sent me this form for me to revoke ACH, but it states that I agree to pay the rest of my loan amount. I'm not certain that they are illegal, since I haven't seen anyone post about them in the forum. If they are illegal, I have paid above the principal amount based on my previous loan. Any advice on how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

ACH Revoke Form
Loan #:
Checking Account#:
Routing #:
Reason for Revoking ACH:
Type Of Transaction:
□ I would like revoke authorization for above payment ONE TIME.
□ I would like to revoke authorization on the above-mentioned transaction and all subsequent transactions matching this criteria.
Payment Instructions:
As a result of you revoking authorization for ACH transactions, you must make manual payments to satisfy the balance currently due on your loan. We do offer the following manual payment options:
1. DEBIT CARD PAYMENT : You are agreeing to contact us directly at 1-888-980-1532 on each payment due date to make a debit card payment using your Visa, Discover or MasterCard. Payments received late may incur a Late Fee of $30.00 and may result in further collection actions.
2. MONEY GRAM PAYMENT OPTION: You are agreeing to process your payment via the Money Gram instruction provided below on the agreed upon dates as indicated on your loan agreement. You will contact our office upon payment completion and submit to Zocaloan the required receipt of scheduled payment.
 Page 2
Money Gram
Receive code: 4364
Pay to: Centrinex/Rizzo
City, State: Overland Park, Ks
ZIP Code 66204
Account Number: Last four of your SSN
Message: Zoca Loans
All payments should be made payable to Zocaloans, and mailed to:
P.O. Box 1147
27565 Research Park Dr
Mission, SD 57555
In the event you choose not to take advantage of one of these manual payment options, please be advised that all standard collection procedures will be followed in accordance with your contract provisions and in accordance with The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
I understand an ACH revoke order must be received in time to allow ZocaLoans a reasonable opportunity to act on it prior to action. ZocaLoans requires at least three (3) banking days prior to the scheduled payment date. This written confirmation must be received within fourteen (14) days of the request. As agreed in your loan agreement, by revoking your authorization for ACH, you agree to provide us with another form of payment. Please sign below to indicate your acknowledgement that by revoking ACH you agree that you will make manual payments to settle the balance of your loan.
SIGNATURE _____________________________

Hi SF, That is wonderful news! Unfortunately, I have not heard anything back from Zocaloans after my last response. I just reiterated that I demanded a paid in full letter and a refund for the amount I paid above the principal. When I login to the site, it says that I should call. I won't be doing that! I hope I'll get a similar response soon.

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