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I could use some advice and it looks like you're one of the more knowledgable sources in this forum. While I'm sure that my story is going to read like many others, let me lay it out for you. I took out a payday loan, was layed off from my job and miss a payment. Upon receiving my new job I called back the payday loan company and told them that I would like to pay off my loan. They told me that my debt was bought up by another company and that I would receive a call. That company turned out to be United Pay Services. When I received a call they told me that I owed the amount that I took out, $300, plus another $500 for court fees, processing fees and whatnot. I talked to a guy named "Michael Sinclair", who spoke with a thicker middle eastern/Indian accent than any that I'd ever heard. I asked to speak with his manager and he sent me to a "Jack Smith", yet another middle eastern/Indian accent. Jack Smith told me that I could pay it off in chunks and he would accept payments of like $300, $300, $200. As I've spoken to them over the last few weeks, this "Michael Sinclair" was fired supposedly and a "Tom Jackson" took over my account. Since this man has taken over my account, he has been nothing but overly rude and extremely over persistant. Despite the fact that I've paid $500, this guy is all over me, calling me up to seven times a day a work, threatening me, leaving me messages to call back "or else". My question is this, what the hell can I do. I've obviously stumbled upon this site a little late, but I have more than paid for my loan and really, and getting a little sick of this guy. Is there a way that I can avoid paying the additional $300 as I seem to read that you're pretty consistant in saying that this is a scam. If there is something proactive that I can do, what is it? I've only had one case of working with a collection agency before and they were very accomodating and helpful with my payment plans and I resolved the issue quickly. Again, any help that you can give, or anyone else for that matter will help tremendously. Thanks.
Angry and frustrated,

What state are you in? And which pdl company was this with? Why would you pay for court costs you would've been notified if there was a pending hearing and given a period of time to respond. I'm betting this is an internet pdl and they do NOT have any court case against you.

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Read the experience "redhot" had with these idiots at this link, you'll have to -4.html scroll down to read the post:
Now that I read this, this is more than likely an inhouse collector calling you. And please do not fall for them telling you that you will be charged with fraud or they are downloading your file, they are scammers and engaging in illegal collection activities, if they try this bu#@ sh#$ with you tell them where to go and you are NOT falling for it. You will not be charged with anything or get arrested. What state are you in? If you have paid back the principal and then some you can demand they mark your account as paid in full and you MUST get your complaints in with your AGs office and let these idiots know you have done this. Until then DON'T PAY THEM A DIME.

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I have had the same expereince with Tom Jackson.

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I clearly have caught this site a little too late this company, Officer Kelly Bailey, has already contacted me and further called the CFO of my company to let him know. If I dont pay them tomorrow 1,225.00 they will be calling the CFO again and holding my company responsible for the debt. After reading this I can see they cant hold my company resposible but Id like to be spared the embarrassment of explaining myself to my boss. Today I asked for the company that I owe directly and they gave me FPR Processing. I cant find that company anywhere on the internet. Help!

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this is a complete scam, i really hope you did not pay one penny to that actual man because i guarantee you still owe that complete debt to the other company. They pulled the same stuff on me and my mom except it was mike johnson (yeah how many mike johnsons are from india!!!!!!) and kept threatening in every sentence that he was going to have me and my mom sent to jail and in court for criminal activity (and i was only a reference) we called the police and filed a police report and they confirmed that indeed it was a scam. good luck to you!

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