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I've dug myself a hole - help, I have one cc with 10k balance and another for 500.00 balance. I need to get ahold of finances.


bchlover86, this site offers free debt counseling. register here and someone from your area will call to discuss your options on credit card debts. You will have one monthly plan to pay your creditors at lower interest rate.

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Steg Steg

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There is a lot of sacrafice involved.
But you can do it. Lets talk about it. I want to know the details.

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I have already register

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There are several companies (some expensive some cheap)I found one that charges only $50 per card and nothing else until they settle your card.

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sorry, the company is

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Welcome to the forums :D I think we all have dug a hole, that's why we are here!! You have registered, so someone will contact you about the options you may have. All unsecured debt can be included in consolidation. We also have a Do it Yourself section under "Our Services", you may want to check out. If you have any questions, ask, and keep posting!..KAren BTW- Here you will get the support and debt education to learn how to manage your debts and become debt free!

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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The best company to use is Ontrack Financial Group

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