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I have a debt that occured in 2002 in texas on my credit report (wells fargo). It was 6 years ago, I now live in alabama. What SOL do I fall under state wise? And can I dispute it on my credit report now since it was so long ago?

Your SOL comes under the jurisdiction of Texas law which is 4 years from the date of last delinquency.

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Was 2002 when the account defaulted? FCRA reporting would start the day you missed your first payment and never brought the account current (DOFD). They can report for up to 7.5 years from that date. Dispute it as obsolete, you might get lucky.

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What is the SOL for delinquent accounts in California?

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Statute of limitation for Written contracts, Promissory notes and open-ended accounts in California is 4 years.
SOL for oral agreements in California is 2 years.

To see the SOL chart for different states please go through the page n.html

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phoenix phoenix
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HEY! Everyone, I was involved in the Ellis Crosby and had 13 payday loans, I used to post on here under Katie Remaley, I am happy to report, I got married and guess what? IM debt free :) My score is up by 100 points. Ive paid off all my loans, and they took the wells fargo thing off my credit report. I would not have made it through this without you all! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU SUPPORT!!!!!!!! :)

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