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J had a discovery card in the 90s that i did not pay and now this compant (National service of process) got a hold of me and told me o pay monthly payments or go to court. what is the statue of limitation for this card in Pennsylvania. What should I do? I now live in Florida state-sol.html

Post is from JCEMT and has SOL by state.

Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations

Contracts: 4 years, (used to be six).

Contracts under seal: 20 years.

Sale of goods under UCC: 4 years.

Negotiable instruments: 6 years (13 PA C.S.A. .????3118).

Florida Statutes of Limitation

Contract or written instrument and for mortgage foreclosure: 5 years. F.S. 95.11.

Libel, slander, or unpaid wages: 2 years.

Judgments: 20 years total and to be a lien on any real property, it has to be re-recorded for a second time at 10 years.

The limitations period begins from the date the last element of the cause of action occurred, (95.051). NOTE: The limitation period is tolled (stopped) for any period during which the debtor is absent from the state and each time a voluntary payment is made on a debt arising from a written instrument.

Almost all other actions fall under the 4-year catch-all limitations period, (F.S. 95.11(3)(p))

Looks like both states are 4 years. If you lived in Florida and are a permanent resident there now then only Florida should apply and they should not attempt to sue you in Pennsylvania. Personally I would send a DV letter and a full CD letter and I would also dispute it on my CRs if it is on there since the SOL has expired.

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Did they call or write? It is a violation of the fdcpa to mis-represent the legal status of a debt.

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