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Phone call from Legal Mediation Practice in Jacksonville FL

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I recieved a phone call from a place called Legal Mediation Practices this morning. They stated that I had till noon to day to come up with the 369.00 owed on a payday loan. I have spoke with the cash advance co. serveral times and was yelled and screamed at because I do not have the money to pay this back. I have calmly tried to explain to them that I have been off work and in traction for 2 1/2 months. Of course they don't care...I am conserend now about the noon dead line and the statement that the police will be here to enforce all state and Co. laws on this. Is this leagal, and if it a CA then do they not have to inform you of that?

What phone number did they call you from, or did they give you one to call them back on?
Also it is just a collection agency trying to collect the money and what they are doing is very illegal. The police are not going to come get you, this is a scare tactic to try to get you to pay the money. Do not send anything without validation of the debt. A lot of us on this site have been harrassed by a company out of Florida, but they seem to go by different names but they seem to use the same tactics and the numbers a similar.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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First of all they will not have you arrested at your home or work. This is their way of scaring you into paying on their terms.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Thank you for the information, however when I spoke to an atty. conserning this he said that the only way you can be aressted would be if they can prove intent to defaud. During the conversation they stated intent to defruad, and unwillingness to pay the debt. This is what now has me conserned. However the atty. said that I should not consern myself with this, because it is Illeagal for them to state this over the phone, however, I am still concerned. Also, there was no number given for me to call back, just information on how to wire the money to them. I do have caller ID and the number that came up was.904-493-6983. I did a search on the name and did not come up with a web site for them, found this one. Thank you again, for giving a single mom valuable information.

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Don't get scared of this CA. They are famous for their scary tactics and rude collections. Under the federal laws, any CA must validate the debt in writing. Without giving you the debt information, they must not threaten any legal actions. Check the laws of your state before you record their phone calls. In most states, you can do the recording without informing the other party. You will have legal proof about their fdcpa violations. Read this link discussing about the CA. ce.html

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GunsNroses GunsNroses

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Hi my mom received a phone call from this company yesterday, Feb 15 about 12:30 in the afternoon stating that she had til monday to come up with the payment of $339.00 on a prepaid debit card or they would fax a warrant for her arrest from florida to south carolina. Her bill is six years ago. They would not even offer a payment arrangement with her nor would they except a money order. She called them again to have the paper work sent to her and they hung up the phone on her. Need advice because my mom is a very sick woman and she is very upset and scared.

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first off they can't fax a warrant.they broke the law right there.have your mother file a police report for the call,and also file AN AG complaints with both the FL,and SC AG'S then either hang up on their sorry a$$e$ or ignore them.they are a bottomfeeding scam.btw this debt just might be past SOL for both states anyway.just know only losers call and threaten like that and they can't do any of what they threaten.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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