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I'm in California and recieved a call from a settlement company in Phoenix. 2 questions, why is it that every settlement company in CA seems to have an F Rating when this company in Phoenix has an A Rating, and second question can this company in Phoenix do business in California and settle my debt?

As far as I know, there are few states where collection agencies do not require a license to operate. They include Georgia, California, PA, South Carolina and Kentucky. So the collection agency in Phoenix can legally recover debt from California.

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I'm sorry, this is not a collection agency, this is a settlement company that I'm thinking about joining. Can they still help me out even though they are located in Phoenix, AZ?

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1. Yes, a debt settlement company in AZ can settle debt in CA.
2. There are many posts on this site which cover why the BBB in CA automatically gives ANY debt settlement company an F rating even with no complaints. (Short answer, guy in charge of tri-counties BBB is also involved in a Consumer Credit Counseling business, hence the auto-negative for his competitors)

Long answer here: html

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thank you.

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be sure you check all your available options. ask the tough questions and google like crazy. also check out the tasc to see if they are members the tasc makes them hold a standard in practice to be sure they conduct themselves appropriately. Im not sure why any one would not use a company backed by the tasc.

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