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I am trying to fill in my details on the counseling form. It would not go through because of the ZIP. what IS ZIP?

Nicky, Debt settlement is a program that takes time. In essence you are saving up your money in a savings account, while letters are sent back and forth to the creditors to agree to a payment plan or a lump sum. They typically work better with people that have larger lump sums.

As for debt settlement hurting your credit score, of course it does. You aren't making payments to your creditors, and that accounts for 35% of your credit score. These kind of things are disclosed on the contract, were they not? You have to pay attention to stuff like that.. Debt settlement is a process that takes time and when you just drop out, it only hurts you.

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Both of these companies are run by two individuals with extensive disciplinary records with SEC & NASD. Peter Kirschner, Stuart Rubens are the real ones to look out for- Marc Plotkin stays behind the scene but is obviously a part of the whole thing. There are much more honest people do business with so why take the chance on people like this.
I know for a fact that they are up to no good because it says one company name on the door- and all of their business cards have another name. One of the companies is listed with BBB and the other is not.
I spent a few days in their office in Hollwood FL when they hired me to raise money for them- so I know exactly what they are like. Just type either one of their names into google with debt settlement scam or go to the NASD website and look at their public histories. They sit in a room and laugh about how much they can overcharge people with bad credit to have a debit card!!!
Turned out that I was unable to raise funds for them- mostly because of their actions when my clients investments were delayed caused by valid concerns regarding Kirschner and Rubens histories. They have now tried to ruin my life by spreading lies about me all over the internet. I had an employee contract that dictates 4 draw payments of 5k each over 60 days. They could of at anytime backed out, but to say that I stole 20k is a complete joke.
I could go on, but just realize what type of people run this company and stay as far away as possible whether you are a potential client or employee!!!!

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All I know is that if this company, Whitestar Financial Services hired Chandra Klem who happens to be a convicted felon for theft that's exactly what they are. Nothing but a bunch of con-artists and thieves. No way would I offer my personal financial information to a firm that is too irresponsible and negligent to process background checks on their agents. Her charges of theft include vehicles, identity, unlawful use of charge cards, and not paying her bar tab. Do yourselves a favor and contact your creditors yourself.

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If this company is so bad why is it rated a bronze member by your own system? That is where I found info about them. If they are so bad how did they get that rating? Do not know them, but keep reading posts.:)

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Well...Zip code is the area code where you are living or your company situated. Every Bank required this code...Because if you are specifying the is might be possible bank or issuer not aware from the area name. But they have list of Zip code from which they can find your location easily.


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