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Zwicker and Associates: Are they very difficult to deal with?

Zwicker and Associates, a law firm based in Massachusetts, is engaged in collecting debts for various creditors. They have earned a reputation for being stubborn and persistent in their collection activities. Zwicker and Associates rarely compromises in settlement negotiations and often demands the full amount.

Zwicker and Associates is often hired by American Express. Therefore, if you have a card with Amex that is in default, you are likely to be contacted by Zwicker and Associates. If you want to know more about Zwicker and Associates, glance through the topics given below:

What have people experienced with Zwicker and Associates?

Both members and guests in our community have shared their experiences with Zwicker and Associates.

Receiving harassing calls at work: One community guest poster stated that Zwicker has been the most horrible collector to deal with because they kept harassing him at work every day. Learn more...

Being pursued for ten years: Zwicker has also pursued debtors for ten years for a debt that is no longer reported on their credit report. Find out more...

Being threatened by possible litigation: Zwicker and Associates often threatens to file suit against defaulted borrowers. Find out more...

Are there also incidents of failing to comply with the FDCPA?

  • Not providing documents to validate the account: One guest poster in the forums, Sandfly, did not received any documents from Zwicker and Associates confirming her account but they still cashed a check she had given the creditor, even after she stopped payment on it. Learn more...
  • Not replying to the validation letter: Another guest poster mentioned that he had never received a reply to his validation letter from Zwicker and Associates. When he called them three months later to ask about his case, a representative told him to just pay off the debt. Find out more...
  • Continued collection activity after settlement: Continued collection activity after settlement: One poster stated that the collection agency continued to demand payments on an account that had been settled with them and for which he had received a signed settlement letter from one of their attorneys. Learn more...
  • Threatening lawsuits: Zwicker and Associates often threatens the consumer with lawsuits, threats they don't follow up on. It is a violation of the FDCPA to falsely threaten to sue to collect on a debt.

How should you respond to a collection call from Zwicker and Associates?

Ask for validation before paying: If you receive a call from Zwicker and Associates, while they can be extremely persuasive, you shouldn't agree to make a payment until you receive a validation of the debt from them.

Don't give out bank information: Don't give out personal information: Never give out your confidential account information to anyone. This could lead to having your identity stolen.

Ask for an account statement: If you make a payment to this collector, make sure you get a statement from them on a regular basis in order to make sure your debt is being repaid properly.

Record threats: If your state's law permits it, you may also record your conversations with the collector if they threaten or abuse you.

Be aware of consumer rights: You should contact a consumer rights lawyer if Zwicker and Associates violates the FDCPA.

You can contact Zwicker and Associates at the following address:

Zwicker and Associates, P.C.
800 Federal Street Andover, MA 01810

Hi Thanh Welcome to the forums. Please do not ...
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Hi Thanh

Welcome to the forums. Please do not feel shaken while dealing with Encore collection agency as the whole community is with you to guide in the right direction.

The collection agency is assigned to recover the debt from the consumers when the creditors fail in their actions.

In order to make sure that the collection agency is actually working for the creditors, they have to provide some necessary details about your accounts. As per the fdcpa law, debt validation letter is a strong weapon through which you can legally urge the collectors to provide a proper presentation of your accounts.

If Encore collection agency is not able to furnish the necessary details about your accounts, it will be considered that they are maliciously forcing you to pay towards your debt. You are required to obtain the following information from the collection agency before you start paying towards your debt account.

  • The details of the account.

  • All the calculation should be shown of the amount that is owed.

  • Any copies of the papers to be furnished that shows the payment agreement.

  • Provide a verification or copy of any judgment if applicable

  • The original creditor needs to be identified.

  • The Statute of Limitation needs to be proven for the collection of the debt.

  • The license of the collection agency applicable in the state is to be furnished along with the license numbers and Registered Agent

  • Proof of the agreement that the debt collector has purchased the debt or has been hired by the creditor to collect the debt from the debtor as this is the basic contract law.

  • Complete payment history showing the details of the creditors, payment history, amount of the debt, break up of fees/interest should be provided in paper.

  • A copy of the original signed loan agreement between the debtor and the original creditor establishing the debt between both the parties also has to be produced.


I am dealing with Zwicker and Associates right now. These are the most horrible, mean people I have ever had to deal with in my life and I am filing a complaint today because of it. They have been harassing me at work on a daily basis.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 08/09/2005 - 07:07


My firm use Zwicker and Associates all the time to collect on credit card debts if i where you i would pay them they do not screw around

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 08/09/2005 - 08:29


The following was listed on a website by Bud Hibbs concerning Zwicker and Associates (they are on his list of collection agencies to avoid):

"Bud Says...
These debt collection attorneys hire goons to threaten, lie and intimidate consumers into paying them. NEVER give them any information on your bank/credit accounts, or post-dated checks. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!"

Sub: #3 posted on Tue, 08/09/2005 - 12:16


I have been giving this agency my post dated checks for a year now, should I worry about them having my bank account? How do I know for sure that they are paying my debt with this money?

Sub: #4 posted on Tue, 08/16/2005 - 13:07


Zwicker and Associates has been harassing me for ten years. The debt is not even being pursued by the original lender. It is not on any of my reports, but they call all the time and threaten my husband and myself.

Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 09/01/2005 - 08:49


I have Zwicker and Associates on my credit report - I have a lady named Denise calling me at work all the time. I plan on paying this debt but at the moment I am unable to, not that I don't intend to pay it but right now I can't. She has threatened to have me taken to court and have someone come to my job to present me with the paper work. She has said they try to call me at home but I have not msgs. from them and their number has never showed up on my caller ID. What can I do about this. She has even tried to get to my human resources department to but my business in everyone's ear. This company is really rude, she has even told me they are a law firm.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 10/05/2005 - 07:58


I received a letter from Zwicker in July stating I owed $$ on a credit card that had been paid off in July of 2003.
I talked with them, faxed my info to them, and now three months later when I called again (they don't return calls when they know they are wrong) and finally got someone - he was extremely unprofessional telling me to just "pay the amount". My gripe was that the person who was suppose to be taking care of my situation - never followed thru - never made phone calls to who he should have to resolve this situation and didn't even have the courtesy to call me back.
This is a company that should be shut down - and business given to some other collection agency. This can by no means be any type of professional law firm. This is a disgrace to people who are either trying to pay off debts OR have paid them off YEARS ago that they still try to collect on. I even wonder if Zwicker and Associates use computers since they can't seem to find any information on anything.
I'm considering obtaining a lawyer of my own for the problems THEY have given me!

Good Luck with this group of ill-mannered and extremely unprofessional people.

Sub: #7 posted on Wed, 10/12/2005 - 12:34


Zwicker and Associates doesn't care about the law. They sent my a settlement letter signed by an attorney, then continued to ask for more money after they cashed the check.

Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 10/14/2005 - 17:46


do you have an employee named Brian Cavallaro.

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 10/28/2005 - 15:09



I first dealt with Zwicker back in May and made 3 post dated check payments with the intent to settle after.
In October, i spoke to Michael and we tried to settle but he then made accusations which were untrue and had to let him know. After that hell broke loose and trying to be professional led me to just go off as well as he.
Next... i spoke to stacy in which she made alot of mistakes in the conversation but i made sure everything was corrected and reiterated and a settlement was made if I made a payment. By the way... the settle amount that Mike stated wasn't noted in there system...hmm...
So the settlement was set and i asked for back up... so I called today cause I wanted to send the post dated check and stacey said that $200 needs to be added cause she didn't settle the amount...
In short words... i easily told her that her firm never stay consistent and changes there amounts and stories and etc. I then told her that I'll speak to her and her supervisor tomorrow.
Then Mike calls (and i asked never to speak to him again) and gives me all this shit with allowing me to speak and being rude... but i said I would only agree to the amount settled and he didn't recall me and zwicker settling the account so I hung up.

So what should I do next cause Stacey said that the CEO Paul Zwicker doesn't talk to people and would not give me his contact.

I have to report them to the BBB cause they need to honor the settlement and they were flip flopping from the start.
I was planning to save the money til the matter is resolved... so any advice.

I apologize for making this long but this is a strong issue on my end.
Worried about them sueing in a way but shit... i tried to settle and they play dum and damage control quick.

Help please!


Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 11/17/2005 - 20:13


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