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What is the worst thing that can happen when you are sued?

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I am being sued by citibank credit card. I live with my daughter and have no income, i have not been able to pay on this debt since oct2001, i am scared i have never had this happen to me. what is the worst thing will happen to me?

answer the judgment with the courts send a copy to the attorney certified mail and wait. In the meantime start getting some money together to settle it out. If you cannot get the money together ask for a stipulation of judgment. This will allow you to make payments on the debt without the judgment being enforced. Hope that helped

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Oh yeah one more thing. DON'T PANIC. They want you to panic so you pay off the balance just offer a settlement or a stipulation, I promise you they will except.

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what is the sol in illinois on credit card debt

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i received a lawsuit delivered to my door. then the next week i got a letter in the mail from a different law office saying they bought the account from the first law office. so now what do i do?

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send that law office a DV letter.send it certified mail return receipt.also check with your court clerk to see if a suit was actually filed.if not,look into your legal possibilties against the first law question.who are the law firms?

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I am being sued by HSBC for $2000. At first I was stressed but all the creditors do this as a reasurance via the court that debt will be paid. The suit is essentially telling the debtor "to poop or get off the pot". In my suit the creditor is willing to settle and put me on a payment plan the law suit just gives them recoarse if you fall behind or fail to make payments, it's a paper game.

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Hello...I am glad this info is here. I cannot believe this has happened.. someone wrote not to panic, because that is the desired effect, but believe me u panic when u get lawsuit papers and have no idea at first what you are even looking at! and one of the pages in big letters across the top reads: YOU ARE BEING SUED!
Anyway, i had lawsuit papers in my mailbox when i got home from work. it was sent certified mail, but nobody signed for it. i am assuming the mailman did this and left it i don't know. Anyway, I guess I am being sued by CHASE on one of my credit card accounts for the amt of 14k, plus the small legal documentation fee and some other fee which added about $60. Anyway, i NEVER thought this would happen. i have been pre-occupied with saving my house, ctching up on mortgage payments, partly done by taking some money from my 401k. anyway, i AM behind about 3 months on payments, during this time i was looking for a debt consolication or credit counseling agency and i did find one that i am contacting but i guess it's not fast enuf. I know i prob. should have talked with them, but i did not. But geez this seems really fast to jump into a lawsuit...i dont' think it even went to a collection agency. your info is helpful, and they included the "answer" page that i'd have to fill out to answer this suit. and one of my things i can do is to try and negotiate, and/or to get a lawyer, etc. If i want to do this i am supposed to contact them directly BUT if there is a lawyer named, to contact the law office. there is a i guess i should call there? I had ,. of course, planned to include this debt in whatever kind of plan that I come up with when i speak to the place I chose to help me....I have chosen Ontrack Financial Group...but now,,, i guess i HAVE to negotiate repayment with them separate from my other debt? For various reasons i have fallen behind, mainly due to husband getting ill, hosptialized for a few weeks, and we didn't get very much in disability payment...we were already struggling when this happened....Then a little bit after he got back to work, they let him go, and he's now collecting unemployment. So that started the spiral, and i just paid what i HAD to, utilities, etc.... and the mortgage was 3 months behind, so i was concentrating on that. for right now, that situation is up to date and i am negotiating with my mtge company to see if we can lower the mtge payment (CitiMortgage).... I live in New Jersey.... so, i am the only one working, husband is unemployed since July..... So, any suggestions here? I REALLY hope i do not get lawsuits from all the other credit card companies! This is so awful and such a big, dramatic move from them!! I guess lesson i have learned so far is that it would have helped me to communicate with them but i thought i had a little more time... in the past i paid all my bills! a few months of bad luck and they are all on top of you !! I don't think these debts are so old that i don't owe them anymore,,it would be hard to tell because my debts are prob. from orig. purchases made, and then paying them off a little at a time, and believe me, all the interest and fees have added a significant amount to what i owe..... Anyway, this was such a shock.... Thanks for your time........

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joanne_moretti joanne_moretti

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I owe on some credit cards. I went to court on jan. 26, 2009 and 10-16-09 they decided to garnish my check. I only work nine months out of the year as a asst. teacher. Is it to late to stop this garnishment and use a debt consolidated?

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I made the mistake of letting a default judegment bagainst be granted in court. I was dealing with so much with my family that I thought it wasn't they are about to garnish my wages.I need all my paycheck to pay my kids tuition!I am so scared.i live in nys.thank you for any help;i am terrified so much.

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2001? In my state, that goes beyond the statue of limitations and they do not have a case. Show up in court with your defense, and more than likely it will get thrown away.

First find out the statute of limitations on revolving debt in your state. Sounds like they are trying to re - age something from 2001? Thats 8 years!

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