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What is the worst thing that can happen when you are sued?

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I am being sued by citibank credit card. I live with my daughter and have no income, i have not been able to pay on this debt since oct2001, i am scared i have never had this happen to me. what is the worst thing will happen to me?

Oh, I did not see that a default judgement is against you. In that case, find out the method that was served, and go after that defense.. If you were not properly served, then they do not have a case. That the only defense I can think of.

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If no one signed for it, its not legit.. I am in business and get "lawsuits" in the mail all the time by bottom feeders looking to intimdate me. Its ridiculous. And other lawsuits I get via certified mail, I ignore. Not signed, not served, no case.

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BTW, the lawsuits are not related to debt, just someone trying to bully me

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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Know that entering into a consolidation program with any company to reduce your interest rates, prevents you from purchasing a car or home until the program is completed. This is due to the fact that being in this program will be stated on your credit report. If you quit the program for any reason or miss one payment (ever), forget about buying another car or home on credit until it falls off your credit (7 years from your last payment). This wasn't explained to me when I enrolled and it was impossible buying a car, which I needed for work. I ended up being dropped from the program, because I missed one payment while I was between jobs. However, I did find a good company that settled my debts and they even included free credit repair. I only ended up paying about half of what I owed (including their fee). I recommend DWScott Financial. I think their website is DELETED

you know it's their web address.however posting the link is not allowed per TOS rules.

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I just recieved a warrent in debt from citi I have been in a debt settelment company for a month do I need a lawyer?

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I live in a house and I have a rental. Both houses are top heavy, but I want to hang onto them. I have $40,000 cash to make budget over the next 4 years for my wife to get her speech degree. As of June '09, she got out of real estate and became a student. I told the creditors I could start paying them back in Dec. 2013 when she gets out of school. Until then, I would lose both our houses if I gave that cash to the creditors. I just received lawsuit papers from one of the creditors that they are suing. Can I still keep the houses?

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I was forced to retire after 25 years, due to health reasons, last may. I will not be able to draw my retirement for 3 years. My husband was hurt on the job in 2004 and is in the process of trying to get Social Security Disability, but don't hold your breath as Houston is the hardest place in the US to get approved. We have no income and no possiblity of jobs. We live with my father in law, so we have a roof over our heads. I have tried to explain to the credit card companies first and now to the collection agencies the situation. Any ideas as to what I should do.?????

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It's all based on your total amount per card. Keep in mind, these creditors have to hire outside lawyers and if its over an extremely low debt the odds of you being sued would be minimal. Now if you just stopped paying on a $10,000+ Card, that's a different story and you most likely would get a summons to court.

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I do not have money to pay them off or settle...they are not cooperating with the debt settlement comp. Before I went with the debt settlement HSBC just gave me the run around when I tried to work out a payment plan and they harrassed me and because of being a caregiver plus health problems of my own HSBC just wore me down and I turned things over to the debt settlement. I am so upset because they are sueing me anyway. I do not understand this...I have no money for an attorney...what choice do I have.??/..I would loose everything in BR. I am a senior...and only have my Soc Sec until I can get on my feet. thank you for any suggestions.

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