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What is the worst thing that can happen when you are sued?

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I am being sued by citibank credit card. I live with my daughter and have no income, i have not been able to pay on this debt since oct2001, i am scared i have never had this happen to me. what is the worst thing will happen to me?

Darla, you can use the sample cease and desist letter available here. No, you don't need an attorney to write a C&D.

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In a worst case scenario, the creditor may sue you and Citi bank is quite famous for doing so.

You can wait till they charge off the account and then try a deal with the collection agency. You can also wait to see if Citi comes up with a better offer or not. Anyway, always be polite but persistent with them while talking over the phone and express your eagerness to settle. It would increase your chances to get a better deal

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I was able to pay bills until i became ill with chonic sickness no longer able to work, i only receive social security which is only enough to pay for living expenses, and copays for medicine, what can I do?

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Wanted to share this post from another thread. This is from "anonymous" who said they worked 7 years for most reputable settlement company.

"Out of approximately 50,000 clients and over 41.2 billion debt under management for over 6 years , only 1% have gone to legal status and only 3.3% have gone to any kind of pre-legal status.

Being sued has been my biggest fear but not such much anymore.

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i have a judgement against me in 2007 now i have received a settlement offer.from an attorney pc. I have a choice to pay half the amount owed in full or the full amount in payments. total is $2,256.

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My wife got the summons from the Hyat, Hyat & Landau that "represents" Capital One. She didn't go to the court. It was March 2008 and I think the debt was about 4 years (close to the SOL in FL).

Now they are trying to collect on the judgement $1200 debt +court fees & interest. About $2600 plus interest of 2 years. But they claim the ballance is about $3800. We are trying to pay it off, but dispute their math.

What are our options?

Try to sue them to reverse the judgement if it was past the SOL (is it 4 years in FL)?
Try to settle with something closer to the original $1200 debt?
Take whatever they offer because we didn't go to the court date?

It seems several people seem to have the same problem with this company and judgements.

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Joe, your first big mistake is that you didn't responded to their summons and that has allowed them to get a default judgement against you. You also have lost your rights to question the debt amount.

Anyway, if the debt was well within the SOL when you were sued, you probably can't get the judgement vacated.

IMO your only option now is to work out a settlement with the collector.

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joe you also might consider BK, now if you seek a BK attorney and he says you still have to pay your debts back you need to re think things.

seems like a small amount considered i dont know your debt to income, im not passing judgment on you.

if you have funds to settle i would recommend calling the lawfirm and seeing what can be worked out.

if nothing can be worked out, please remember this: being sued on the full balance is much better than paying the minimums for sometime, tripling the amount you owe.


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the credit card companies are to blames for giving out too much credit due to their greed. they deserve to be stiffed. thats why they charge so much interest. to make up for the defaults. but they still want it all greedy pigs. i just refused to pay and they went away.

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can a credit card company sued me for debt since 2001 and now its 2010 without warning seize my car

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