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Allied Interstate are continuously calling me since two week

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I've been getting calls from allied interstate for about two weeks now. They only call during the day when I'm at work. They leave messages about every fifth call which don't specifically ask for anyone by name, or say any more than please call Re: an important business matter. I'm working with a debt settlement company. Last week I had my debt negotiator contact Allied Interstate on my behalf. She was told by a manager at AI that they have no accounts under my name or SS#, yet the calls continue to show up on my caller ID. I'm just wondering what I should do, if anything? If they have no accounts under my name, or SS# why are they calling? Do they do anything other than collections? Has anyone else on here had any dealings with them?? Please share your experiences.


Hi Kim...

I have gotten several calls from them in regards to a past duue account which I am not disputing. At first contact with me they were extremely rude and threatend me with coming to my job and reposessing my car, which has absolutely nothing to do with the debt in question. After that I have gotten several other calls to the same tone, and I have asked for their address but they always hang up. Luckily I came accross this forum and was able to get the address and forward a cease communication letter, and I have also filed a complaint with the FTC and the State Attorney General's office. From some of the posts I have read here, Allied has violated the law on many occasions.

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peacekeeper007 peacekeeper007

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Welcome to forums. Perhaps they are calling you by mistake since you are pretty sure that you have no accounts with them. If you ever be able to pick up the phone, ask for the supervisor and explain your situation to that person. Hope your name will be deleted from their list. If this debt is legitimate, you can think of paying it through a consolidation program or a debt settlement program .

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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I, too, have been contacted by allied interstate and the situations were the same as others listed on this site. First, the message does not say who they are calling for or what it is regarding. I finally called back and found out they are looking for someone with my same name. Rep was very rude!

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I have also been getting calls from allied interstate on my cell phone with no messages and calls only to the cell and not my home. Don't have any outstanding debts so have no idea what they want. Aggravating they are wasting my minutes by using my cell.

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Make sure that you don't have any unpaid debt. IWCB is a collection agency; perhaps they are calling you for some of your due accounts. However, people have raised questions on how much legitimate this agency is. So be careful before paying them. Browse this forum and collect some info on them.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Well, it's been a month and A/I still calls my home number daily M-F, but they leave the same generic message, with no specifics including nothing about who they are looking for. I have tried to call them back, but only get put on hold. After 10 minutes I hang up because at this point I feel they are wasting my time. The one time I was actually home, and did answer the phone...they hung up on me without saying a word. I'm not sure it's even me they are looking for. I have read several really bad things about this collection agency. They seem to one of the worst out there. The person leaving the messages is an Alex Mathews. Has anyone had any dealings with him?? Any suggestions on how I should proceed??

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Does anybody know the address for these people?
My wife just recieved a call from them today.
Same problem we do not have an account with them and account in question is from another state.

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Lots of confusions are there on where this agency is located. Please go through the related posts in this forum. See how others have reacted to them? Try this one-


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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Me again... I did find A/I in the BBB website when I first started getting calls. They are not members, and have several unresolved complaints. There is also a lawsuit pending in MN against them. I think their main headquarters are also somwhere in MN, but they also have ties in West Palm Beach, FL. The calls that I am getting come up as Intellirisk on my caller ID, which from what I've found on the internet is an A/I division out of the Phillipines. As I have said...I have been working with a debt settlement company for about a year now. I have had my debt negotiator contact A/I on my behalf twice. She just called them the 2nd time this morning, and once again was told that they have no accounts under my name or SS#. Yet, what's on my caller ID AGAIN this afternoon...A/I! They've been told twice now that they have the wrong number, person, etc... I'm doing really well in my debt settlement program. I'm more than a year ahead on my monthly payments. This is really frustrating, because the creditors I really do owe are patiently waiting, and one I clearly don't owe is harrassing me. My negotiator called them in good faith both times to see if they really have taken on one of my accounts. If they have, she was prepared to begin negotiations with them. They would have been paid without a fight. I have every intention of completing the program making good on all of my debts. It's company's like A/I that really give collections a bad name. Anyway...keep me posted on all of your dealings with them, and I will do the same. If anyone does obtain an address or information for A/I...please share with the rest of us...NDebt

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same as above but i have talked to them they say there taking my name off and guess wht about every 3 days another call im contacting my attorney this is just plain harrasssment

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