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Has anyone been contacted by Jackson Phillips and associates out of Florida, I am trying to get an address to send a debt validation letter.

Have you checked the BBB website to get their address?

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 06:43

Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I have a troop that was contacted today. They basically tried to strongarm her into making an $800 payment today and threatened a law suite. She told them she could pay the balance in full on 1 Feb, but they said their client (Platinum B Services) would not allow them to extend it out to another week. I told her not to offer any further payments until they provided info that the debt was valid. The person told her he didn't have to provide her with anything and that he represented Platinum B and not her. Typical debt collection crap. So he just screwed his client out of their payment. We're going to send a letter, certified mail return receipt, requesting debt validation. Then let him tell her he doesn't have to provide her with anything. I did find their address at the BBB website.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 01/25/2007 - 20:50

macwetzel macwetzel

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You are doing the right thing by asking for debt validation. There is also information about Platinum B on this forum as well. If they are a collection agency, they do have to validate the debt. If they don't, then they cannot attempt further collection on it. This is the law.

Sub: #3 posted on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 05:27

Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I've had plenty of run-in's with debt collectors. I understand they have a job to do, but the hard ball tactics are bullS&%t. Unfortunately they get results. I often wonder how many elderly people end up dying of a stress related illness because of these people. At any rate, my troop has tried to call both Jackson, Phillips and Platinum B Services. Answering machine at one and the other doesn't return calls. That's alright though. debt validation letter is on the way. This is a great forum to get info. The consumers need this info to learn how to protect themselves.

Sub: #4 posted on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 20:07

macwetzel macwetzel

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yo macwetzel? are y'all active duty military? you said you have a troop that been getting hit by this company is why I asked.

Sub: #5 posted on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 21:53

texasconsumeractivist texasconsumeractivist

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yo macwetzel? are y'all active duty military? you said you have a troop that been getting hit by this company is why I asked.

Yes. I'm Air Force. My troop is Air Force as well as prior Army. Very good troop that had some financial difficulties due to medical problems in between her time in the Army and AF.

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 01/26/2007 - 22:37

macwetzel macwetzel

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I also was contacted by Jackson, Phillips and Associates and was very skeptical about sending money to them. The first time Ginger Scott called from there and she said my balance was $325. Then when I called her back to get info on where to send moneygram she said my balance was $1003.50. I am glad I found this forum. Of course she has threatned that my file will be send to local DA's office and I will be picked up at work and charged with larceny, theft, and worthless check. When I called Plantinum B Services to get info on this loan they advised me to call I Collect. I have called there twice and left my nm/# with no return calls as of yet. I am going to send them a debt validation letter and wait to see what happens.

Sub: #7 posted on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 08:39


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You are not going to have case sent to the DA's office or be arrested at home, work, or anywhere else over this matter. DO NOT send her $1003.50. That is just a load of crap. You need to file complaints with your state's Attorney General's Office as well as the AG where they are located. She is making illegal threats in an attempt to collect a debt.

Sub: #8 posted on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 08:43


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ICollect sends their accounts to Bass & Associates, which I believe is the same company as Jackson, Phillips and Associates. ICollect only has a # where you leave your info and someone will return your call. I've been waiting 2 weeks for my call.

Sub: #9 posted on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 13:48

brownsugar brownsugar

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I had a hard time getting a hold of I-collect as well. I was getting so frustrated that one morning at work I just kept calling over and over..I was just hitting the redial button. Finally a lady picked up and I told her everything that happend with. I-collect was not any bit of help and also refused to give me thier address.

Sub: #10 posted on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 14:08

PinkLady PinkLady
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