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CBE Group collection agency - How do consumers perceive this company?

CBE Group Inc. is a collection agency (CA) located in Waterloo, Iowa. Many consumers do not seem to be pleased with this company's service. There are numerous consumer complaints against this CA, some of which have been shared by guests and members of the DebtCC community. Take a look at the topics given below to know about the major complaints against CBE Group.

CBE Group complaints - The causes of customer dissatisfaction

Those who have dealt with CBE Group collection agency have made a lot of complaints against them. Read through some of the common complaints given below to learn what type of problems consumers have faced with this collection agency.

  • Contacting the wrong person: One consumer says that the collection agency called him repeatedly for a debt which his brother owed. He had told the CA repeatedly that his brother no longer lives with him, but the CA refused to refrain from contacting him about the debt. Find out more.
  • Harassment for debt already settled: According to one customer, the collection agency harasses consumers even after they have paid down the debt. He says he was harassed several times for an account which had already been settled. Get the details on this.
  • Reluctance to acknowledge pay-off: A guest in the DebtCC forum complains that CBE Group collection agency refused to give him any letter acknowledging that he had paid down the debt. Read more.
  • Contacting about bogus debt: One consumer claims that the agency called her and her boyfriend about a debt which they did not owe. She says that they canceled their ISP and everything had been resolved. But CBE Group collection agency came after them years later about this debt. Check out the details.

Things to remember when dealing with a CA

Whenever you are dealing with the collection agency, you should remember the following in order to avoid being harassed or scammed by them.

  • Be aware of your rights: This is the most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with any collection agency. Many of these agencies take undue advantage of your ignorance of your consumer rights and harass you. Being aware of your rights will help you overcome these problems. Whether you owe the debt or you do not, in either case the collection agency is required to treat you fairly and with respect. Take a look at the FDCPA to acquaint yourself with your rights against collection agencies.
  • Ask specific questions to your collector: When a debt collector contacts you, try and get as much information from them as possible. Ask the debt collector his name, the name of the CA he represents, the original creditor, and the CA's contact information etc.
  • Let them know you're aware of your rights: When a CA contacts you, tell them to contact you in writing and not over the phone. Ask them to refrain from calling you at work or contacting your relatives, friends, or neighbors regarding the debt. Ask them to validate the debt and follow up every request with a letter re-emphasizing these points and keep a copy of the letter.
  • Do not make payments just to avoid the CA: Do not make any payments to the debt collectors just to get rid of their harassing calls. They use various tactics to frighten you so you start making payments to them, regardless of whether you actually owe the debt. Remember that if you pay them, it might be considered an acknowledgement that you owe the debt. Make sure you do not make any payments until the CA validates the debt.
  • Get details of repayment plan: If the CA validates the debt and you want to pay it off with a repayment plan, get the repayment plan details in writing. If you have multiple debts, make sure which debt(s) the CA would apply your payments to. You should also get it in writing how the CA is going to report the account to the credit bureaus once you repay it.

If you need to contact the CBE Group, use the information below:

CBE Group address:
131, Tower Park Drive - STE 100,
Waterloo, IA - 50701-9374.

CBE Group phone number: (319) 234-6686

So I get daily calls every half hour or so from th...
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So I get daily calls every half hour or so from the following number:

(515) 453-2972

It comes up on the caller ID as "IOWA CALL"

So I get numerous recorded messages on my machine to call back "Timothy" at:


When I googled that number, it came up with YMCA. LoL

I live nowhere near Iowa, and I'm positive it's a CA calling, but I don't know which one, and I'll be darned if I'm going to talk to them on the phone. If I can figure out who it is, I will send them a DV letter.



It's CBE Group, who are a collection agency based out of Waterloo, Iowa.

Check out this forum thread for more info. l

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Tiffany99 Tiffany99

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They are a collection Company out of IA.

CBE Group address:
CBE Group Waterloo office (Corporate Office and Operational Center)
131 Tower Park Drive, Suite 100
Waterloo, IA 50701

CBE Group Phone number: (800) 925-6686

Branch Operational Center
1031 Office Park Road, Suite 6
West Des Moines, IA 50265

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It shows on my caller id as the CBE Group Inc. and they never leave a message.

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 08/23/2007 - 11:49


I posted this somewhere else, and I thought it would be fitting here.

I used to work there. It's CBE Group Inc., a collection agency. They collect medical debt and some credit card debt. They can't tell you why they are calling because it's against the law. Trust me, I understand your frustrations but it's their job and the employees get hounded constantly about being more aggressive and not removing numbers unless people say it a certain way and etc. Just keep telling them the person they are looking for doesn't live there and you have no idea who they are. The nicer you are, the more likely they will listen. Even though they have to remove your number if it's wrong, if you're rude most of them won't remove it. Calling in and saying "stop calling me!" and hanging up will get you no where because they don't know who you are or what number they're calling unless you tell them. And the automated calls are terribly annoying, I know. I hated them too. I hated the job and the company. But just understand that it's a job and just like everyone else working there, I did it because I needed a job! The only number I remember is for the medical department because that's where I worked. So if they're calling you and it's a wrong number, call them at 888-887-5430 and tell them the number they are calling and that you don't know who the person is. Even if you know the person they are calling for, but they don't live with you and you don't want to give out any info, then lie and say you don't know them or they will never leave you alone. If they are calling for you because you owe a bill that you can't or won't pay, then you just gotta deal with the calls. You can, however, send them a Cease & Desist letter, and by law they will have to stop calling you. Make sure you include your account number, phone number, first and last name, etc so they can find your account easily. And keep a copy of the letter, date you sent it and the address you sent it to just in case. If I could remember the address, I'd tell ya but it's been so long I don't know. Just call the 888 number I gave you and tell them you want a correspondence address and they will have to give it to you. Hope this is helpful for everyone who comes here!! And just remember, they're people too. If they're nice, be nice back, even if it's the 10th call you've gotten that day from that damned Timothy that keeps calling. If they're being an a*shole, then feel free to be one back. I always hated when other collectors were jerks for no reason.

And I'm not meaning to sound rude or anything, but one thing I hated as a collector was the debtors who thought they knew every state law. As a collection agency, they HAVE to know the collection laws front and back. Continuously calling you is not against the law. Check into it more. There are a lot of privacy laws they have to follow, that's why they ask you to verify a date of birth, address, last 4 of ssn. they have to confirm they are talking to John Doe so they don't accidentally tell Joe Schmo that John owes citibank $4,000. Collections is a hard job. People like to play little games with them, call them every name in the book, and belittle them when they're just trying to do their job. Trust me. Some of them deserve to be called **** and hung up on. But some of them are just trying to make a living.

and a tip - if they call, answer, confirm whatever is it they want to confirm, and just say "I'm sorry, I just can't pay this right now, I'll let you know when I can." That won't be good enough for them, but it'll at least stop the calls for the day. They can only make contact with you once a day, unless of course you request a call back.

And as far as the financial info goes that they request, it's a tactic they use just to see what you're spending money on. If you have cable, they'll tell you to cancel it and pay your bill. If you have $200 of extra money showing up every month, they'll offer you a payment plan of around $284 a month because they think everyone lies about it. The best thing to do it give outrageous amounts so it shows you're negative every month. Then just say "hey, you can see plain as day that I'm broke. See ya!"

I'm speaking as a former collector, and a current debtor. Ironic huh?

[COLOR=Red]****Adult term removed - Jason[/COLOR]

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A lot of Phone calls and continuos ringing constitutes harassment according to the fdcpa.

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I would answer the phone. Verify that you are indeed the person they are looking for, verify your mailing address and tell them you expect something in writing w/in 5 days. Then end the call. When you receive their dunning letter, immediately DV.

Sub: #6 posted on Mon, 07/28/2008 - 12:05

Moderators Cum Industry Expert
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Hello all,

Read "Former Employee's" post carefully. Now ignore everything he said about hating people who knew the law. You are within your rights to defend yourself; if a collection employee cannot handle it or doesn't like it if you defend yourself under the letter of the law, then that's their problem, not yours. It is unconstitutional to be asked to sit there and take a verbal whipping and be asked not to defend yourself because a collection agent "doesn't like it". Again, that's THEIR problem, if they couldn't get their act together and get a proper education and a real job then it's not your fault.

Furthermore, many states' debt collection acts mirror the federal act in disallowing continuous ringing of the phone. Legally, you can argue that calling you more than ONCE constitutes repeated ringing of the phone with intent to harass. Even more importantly, many states' collection statutes are Deceptive Trade Practices Act tie-in statutes. Meaning? That you can sue ANYONE, not just the collection company, but the agent acting for the collection company, as well as the organization for which they are attempting to collect. That may not sound spectacular but it puts fear into an agent to hear that you can sue them PERSONALLY, and collect from them PERSONALLY, and there's no guarantee any collection agency has to indemnify them--that's their own lawsuit to worry about.

Be sure you mention this to them; unless they're psychotic or argumentative bullies they tend to back off. Violation of the Collection Acts, federal and state, is strict liability, and the DTPA, in addition to expanding the liability from the entity (the collection company and the company you owe to) to the agent also allows for treble damages under the proper circumstances, including economic and mental anguish.

Furthermore, the entity to whom you owe money can disclaim liability if they "have no knowledge" of the violations of the debt collection acts on the part of their collectors. So I suggest informing the company in writing, e-mail or otherwise, and making it clear that they are "placed on express notice" with your letter of the violation, and detailing the behavior violative of the acts. They tend to have attorneys who can affirm this, and even if they don't, you will have a record they were put on notice (so don't delete your e-mail outbox and keep a photocopy of any post-letters for your files).

Finally, don't assume these thugs know the acts "inside and out". These are people with low job skills and even less employability, and are not hired because of their countless advanced degrees. Whereas "former employee" may have been trained properly, there is no assurance anyone else working for any of these agencies has. Avoid hostility but do make it clear that you will not tolerate being harassed, and underscore the fact that any call exceeding ONE can be construed as harassment. You may owe money but under no circumstances have you committed a crime owing money, especially in today's economy. You cannot have a judgment or criminal charges assessed against you without being informed, and in particular owing money is not a crime, unless you meet several other criminal elements, which is not likely in the typical case.

I hope this helps some of you who are suffering at the hands of ruthless collection agencies. They cannot harass you, period. You have every right to research the law and defend yourself under the letter of the law, despite the fact that that irritates collection agents--of course it does, it makes their jobs harder when you don't willingly curl up and die.

Good luck to anyone needing this information reading it, I hope it helps.

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Attorney, Thanks for all the information.

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 08/07/2008 - 03:11


Yes, thanks!!

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 08/07/2008 - 08:04

alias1958 alias1958

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Did anyone ever think that if no one paid Collections, they would go out of business? So what if your credit is tarnished, live with it, they can't take 75,000 people to court!

Sub: #10 posted on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 16:59


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