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CBE Group collection agency - How do consumers perceive this company?

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So I get daily calls every half hour or so from the following number:

(515) 453-2972

It comes up on the caller ID as "IOWA CALL"

So I get numerous recorded messages on my machine to call back "Timothy" at:


When I googled that number, it came up with YMCA. LoL

I live nowhere near Iowa, and I'm positive it's a CA calling, but I don't know which one, and I'll be darned if I'm going to talk to them on the phone. If I can figure out who it is, I will send them a DV letter.



Send them a full cease comm and inform them the person they seek does not live at that address. Sue them if they continue to harrass you. Rinse and repeat when it's sold to the next JDB.

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how do i know what bill they are collecting for if nobody tells me

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How do they know who they are speaking to if you don't tell them? They will give out their name and the name of the company but its against law for them to give out the exact matter why they are calling till you can verify who you are due to privacy laws. Besides, a lot of times they will have the wrong number. If you tell them they have the wrong number they are obligated to remove your number and NOT call back.

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so sorry that not everyone is perfect like you and can't be an attorney cause its just so easy for people to go out to the money tree in their back yard and be able to pay for an overpriced education like you[samebox:dc08582710="paulmergel"]you must be a collector.just about everything they said was right on.he was talking about bottomfeeders for the most part.besides that was a while ago so why respond if you aren't the type they described?[/samebox:dc08582710]

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We don't have any debt, but we still have been getting daily calls from CBE Group. It's not a wrong number thing, I've always answered the phone and it was for my boyfriend - we live together. We've never spoken to them; he's actually never been around whenever they've called so we can't, since only he can speak to them since it's his name on the debt. We think it's related to some bogus bills from when we moved several years ago; our internet provider continued to bill us for several months at the old address, even though we had cancelled service. My boyfriend thought it was resolved. Apparently, it was not. Now, jumping ahead here, how do we get rid of CBE? Because even though the debt is bogus, it doesn't seem to matter. It will be very easy for them to produce our contract with the internet provider, but we have nothing binding that states an end date of that contract since someone at the internet co. dropped the ball and didn't cancel the account. Assuming that this is what they are calling about, how do we prove ourselves innocent? Because even though they are supposed to prove that we owe money, it honestly doesn't seem like it works that way if it's gotten this far because of someone's typo.

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Re: CBE Group Harassment

Dear Senator,

Please be aware the the CBE Group, located in your state is continuing to erroneously harass people over the telephone.
I was recently one of many people that this company calls night & day, and on weekends. They would call me & not leave a message.
When I called them, the asked for my phone number. When I reluctantly agreed after receiving more of their harassing calls, I was told they had the wrong number for the wrong person.
This company should do more research before unleashing their computer controlled telephone system on innocent citizens.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you for your time,
Marc Buursink

Sub: #26 posted on Fri, 06/05/2009 - 14:03


1. I have to respond to a previous statement about debt collectors, if they don't like their job then pay for a real education to get a real job, I worked as a debt collector until just very recently WHILE I am going to college. It is another job just like any, and honestly it really offends me that you would insinuate that someone who would work there wouldn't go to school or anything like that.

2. I understand everyone is quite upset with these calls. The reason they get many wrong numbers is because they receive very limited information from the companies that hired them to collect. Many times they receive old phone numbers and even mailing addresses. They are trying their best to get a hold of the right person to get the debt resolved. They will try the number already provided by the company that hired them, but if that doesn't work then they will do what is call skiptracing and a computer program looks through thousands of numbers and addresses and places what it believes to be the right information into the acct. If you answer the phone and just let them know that it is a wrong number per FDCPA they have to remove it on that first statement of a wrong number. If you don't get a chance to answer just call them back and let them know that they had the wrong number, if they ask you for the number all they need it for is to make sure that they pull up the right info so it can get removed immediately. Unfortunately it is people who remove the numbers and people make mistakes so occasionally they will remove the number but forget to take it off of the dialer for that day so if they call you back it was purely by accident, they will fix it and they will never call you again. I promise.

3.DLS in regards to your question about your boyfriends bogus debt from the cable company. I would be really irritated if I were in your situation. Completely understandable. He needs to dispute the debt in writing to the CBE group and explain why he feels he doesn't owe it. While they are verifying that with the original creditor they will not contact you. I will warn you though if the original company comes back and says that he still owes it they will contact you again. It does no good to continue to dispute it with CBE or any other agency. Depending on the amount and your ability to pay, I would recommend at that point to go ahead and take care of the balance and then go right back to the original company and dispute it with them and seek a refund. I know it is like shooting in the dark, but that is the best way to get a 3rd party agency to stop contacting you about something you really don't feel like you should owe, and that way you can deal with the company who originally charged you and make sure your voice is directly being heard by them. Like I said though, I would understand if you don't want to do that. My only other advice if you don't want to pay it is to send a dispute letter, and a Cease and Desist letter. They will have to verify the charges and they will never be able to contact you again while it is with that agency. The only time they would contact you is when the charges are done being verified they will call you or write you to let you know what they found out and that would be it. Unfortunately once it leaves their agency, which it will after about 6 months, it will go to another agency and you will have to complete the whole process over. It is a never ending process. That is why I recommend just paying it generally.

I hope this helped.

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Can they garnish your wages?

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not without a court order.alot of bottomfeeders threaten that,but they would have to sue and the ex-collector nice post except for the last part.i will exercise my rights forever if i have to.just pay generally?that is how bottomfeeders stay in business.with thinking like that.otherwise nice post,good info.

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Collection agencies rarely collect on anything. They may harrass you at will with our weak wristed court system. The best thing to do is get a real human on the line and use a boat horn to get their attention. Just be sure to put on ear defenders or ear plugs before you send out the blast. Be advised that this method will cause hearing loss so you might want to warn the person on the other end of the line. I rarely get a second or third call. It's not illegal to own or operate a boat horn. Let the collectors know who's boss.

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