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CBE Group collection agency - How do consumers perceive this company?

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So I get daily calls every half hour or so from the following number:

(515) 453-2972

It comes up on the caller ID as "IOWA CALL"

So I get numerous recorded messages on my machine to call back "Timothy" at:


When I googled that number, it came up with YMCA. LoL

I live nowhere near Iowa, and I'm positive it's a CA calling, but I don't know which one, and I'll be darned if I'm going to talk to them on the phone. If I can figure out who it is, I will send them a DV letter.



Send a written cease and desist. If they violate it, you can then sue them under the FDCPA.

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by fdcpa a collection agency is able to contact you about the debit every 2 hours till they actually speak to you after that they can no longer contact you about that debt but being that cbe handles multiple things such as medical or utility and even student loans you might get a call from a deffrent debt if your a experience debtor.and futher more paying of debts acctually boosts thwe ecomnomy and you guys wonder why we "were" in a recession:)

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Read the FDCPA! There is nothing in it that says they can call every two timeline is set by the FDCPA.

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geez either the poster above soaplady needs a spell check,or a dose of reality,or both.that post was painful to read,and you are most likely the pride of this bottomfeeder.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I contacted CBE Group to settle a debt in collections from Citibank at first it was great they were

willing to work out a settlement until I requested a letter sent to me before I made a payment.
I then got a a song and dance on how my account would go out of their control in 4 days and by the time

they got a letter to me and I responded it would be to late so I reluctantly agreed to forgo the receipt

of that letter first (mistake #1) although I was promised by the rep he would send it to me in the mail

for my records.
I allowed a one time payment through visa for the agreed amount and was told that I would receive a

payment receipt letter in 2-3 days along with the agreement letter I said ok that's fine now 12 days and

twice as many phone callslater I am still dealing with their song and dance of we have sent you your

letters on 3 different occasions its not our fault your not receiving them.

I have requested for a fax of the letter as well at first it was we don't have a fax machine in this

office, then it was I will send it to another office to be faxed, and then I am told to contact citibank

for it ( they wont be able to send anything till 30 t0 60 days after CBE clears the payment)
finally I am told in a final contact with a supervisor after I explained the excuses I was given for no

faxes which he admitted were not true, they do have fax machines in their offices and regardless if they

sent it to another department or not that it is company policy not to fax anything thats not inter office

or to an attorneys office.
He also explained the reason I have not received an agreement letter was because the letter was drafted

after payment was made and their system automatically kicks out agreement letters if payment is made nice

way to set people up to be ripped off.

.... plain and simple CBE group lies to get your money then will lie to cover their negligence in proper

correspondence and they have no problem in breaching their agreement once they have your money.

I plan to spend the next few days repeatedly calling
(319) 234-6686
and insisting to speak with
Robert Kahler, BBB Contact
Mike Frost - Vice President/Corporate Council
Thomas Penaluna - Owner/President
Tom Lockard - Manager, Compliance

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I have to disagree with your statement #2 - I just had a call from the CBE group looking for my spouse. When I asked what company was calling they did tell me it was the CBE group but when I asked what that was they wouldn't say. They asked if my spouse was around and I told them that they were calling my Government phone. I asked how they got this number and they said that this was the number that was given to them.... I NEVER use my government phone for anything like this AND it's not even registered under my name (let alone my spouse's name being associated with it) so now what is the excuse for them?

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I have answered, but the phone always disconnects when I do. They never leave a message. What kind of collections can they do if they never tell me who they are or what they want? :confused: My husband worked for a collections agency a few years ago, so we know what they can do and what they can't do. But they'll never gt a penny out of me if they won't talk to me.

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Some collector here has been so demented by his job that he says (paraphrasing) "just pay your debt." This blockhead must be in another dimension, because here in the real world we are in a RECESSION and there aren't enough jobs! My husband and I were up to date on our mortgage and all our other debts until the economy started crashing and our specialist teaching jobs (library, music) in Arizona were eliminated. My husband has full time work but I am working 4-9 hours/week for minimum wage in retail and I substitute teach when I get called. We already lost our home and BOA (who bought lots of debt) turned all accounts to collections instead of working with us. We are making tiny payments so they don't go to court, but really we can't pay what the collectors try to demand. If CBE has our debts, we will probably go to settlement instead of slowly paying our debts in full, because we are sick of the abuse.

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That stupid CBE Group has called and called and called and I ignore the calls today I just answered I asked what it was about they said they needed to verify i was the person they were looking for and asked me to give them information and I said I am not giving you information I don't know you for all I know your trying to steal my Identity. and she continued to ask me to verify certain things and then she said well I guess then we have reached a cross road and we will have to call back at a later time and I said well no you won't. I no longer want you to contact me by this phone and also I am disconnecting this number (which is no lie), I don't know what they want or anything but I am in the same boat as everyone else. Stand in line and I will pay what i can when I can.

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Corporate Headquarters 1309 Technology Parkway Ceder Falls Iowa 50613

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