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dominion law associates - anyone have any information on dominion law associates?

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I just received a first letter from them today in the mail saying they have been retained for Midland funding llc for possible suit, I have no idea what this debt is possibly for. I'm going to send off a DV first thing tomorrow and see if I can get some information on what this could possibly be for. The only thing it states is that an attorney from their office has not had the chance to look over my particular file yet and of course telling me I need to pay the amount of 524.08 or they will have no choice but to proceed with legal actions. I really don't have any idea what this could possibly be for and I'm not showing Midland even on my credit report. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this law office and if they have any complaints against them or anything.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

OK I ended up finding it out by accident when it came up under one of the employees myspace page as a company she works for.

Go to that site and look up the attorney profiles and look for the name David L. Horne.

You will find that he is president of Dominion Law Associates. They are running multiple companies under the name of

Hope this helps.

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Dominion Law Associate is another collection agency with the name to make it look professional. Hence, you have no reason to deal with them other way. Just send them the DV letter and don't commit to pay the amount stated in the letter before you receive the proper debt validation.

It seems one of their many scares tactics to impress you with the name of a law farm and force you to pay the debt in their own terms. I hate to say this but the sites are pretty littered with the stories of their malpractices.

I'd rather suggest that if you have the luck contact the original creditor directly and try to settle it down with them.

Have you ever had an account with Midland Funding? if you have the contact number of the original creditor, you can then try to find out about the account.

Let us know what happens with the DV letter.

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shelly shelly

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I recieved a e-mail from a women in greece and she wants me to handle her fortune when she dies.She has 20 million plus. She has referred me to her lawyers, Dominion Law Offices. Of course I do not believe this story, but am also looking for some info on them. As far as I can tell so far, I think they are just tring to scam people. BEWARE!

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yea I received a phone call regarding a credit card that im having problems paying off. These idiots are a collection agency and they threatened to take me to court. Never heard of a collection agency doing that. If I dont have the money right now, they cant squeeze bolld from a stone.

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What is a DV letter? I got one of those notices too.

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DV letter is "debt validation" there are sample on this forum. Simply type in DV letter in the search engine at the top of the page.

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These people have lied and harrassed me to no end. I paid off a rather large credit card as agreed. The smaller one was set up to be paid in the same manner. I signed and returned the authorization. They said they never received it and garnished our checking account. I faxed them a copy. they refused to accept that. I have never disputed that we had financial difficulties at that time. We have worked hard to pay all of our bills. As I said, I paid off the larger debt first and even overpaid it and was issued a refund. Why would they do this?? I've never ever been treated this way. They are underhanded and unethical

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they buy these accounts that have been charged off by the orginal creditor .. and try to collect the full amount. when or they have not paid anything for them .. nor should the state or federal law allow them to collect on a debit that the creditor has received a tax credit on ,that has been charged off.. this company like others need to have a class action law suit brought against them immediately!!!!

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I have been dealing with this firm for well over a month now. I set up payment arrangements with them and requested that they send me writted correspondence they are in acceptance of these arrangements and they refuse to do this. I have also sent them a certified letter requesting this letter as well as all future correspondence be done via mail but they continue to call me. The represenative I recently spoke with stated to me that they do not have to abide by my wishes and can continue to call me as much as they would like. They are horrible to deal with! They use the payments tactic to get you to send them a portion of money then they turn around and file for a judgement against you for the original amount plus attorney's fees working whatever payments you have set to them into the attorney's fees. I have seen numerous reports of this on other sites. Someone needs to file a suit against them or report the attorney running this firm to the bar association.

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You could file suit against them for calling you when a Cease & Desist is in effect. Next time they call tell them you are done messing with them and will be filing suit against them for violating your rights. You should also DV them and tell them that since they act like an unlawful business you want to be sure they are even authorized to collect and that they are collecting the right amount and further, after they properly validate you want all agreements in writing or no payments will be forthcoming.

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