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dominion law associates - anyone have any information on dominion law associates?

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I just received a first letter from them today in the mail saying they have been retained for Midland funding llc for possible suit, I have no idea what this debt is possibly for. I'm going to send off a DV first thing tomorrow and see if I can get some information on what this could possibly be for. The only thing it states is that an attorney from their office has not had the chance to look over my particular file yet and of course telling me I need to pay the amount of 524.08 or they will have no choice but to proceed with legal actions. I really don't have any idea what this could possibly be for and I'm not showing Midland even on my credit report. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this law office and if they have any complaints against them or anything.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

If you are on SSI or other exempt income, PAY THEM NOTHING!!! I do not care if the judge tells you to, tell the judge NO. Tell the judge you are on SSI. If they try anything, you can have an attorney on the judge as well as anyone else who gets in on it.

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pokertramp pokertramp

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All I have to say is I was a Legal Assistant for Dominion Law, and I would advise all of you to seek legal advice because you are not getting very good advice here..... Dominion Law is a Law Firm & Debt Collection Agency. If the debt collectors could not get payments from you then the send it up the chain for us to file suit as long as the account was within legal limits to proceed with a law suit.

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I am in agreeance they will put a judgement against you. I have one on my credit report. The debt is old and then they wanted me to pay them. I made 8 months of payments to them and they stopped withdrawing money without telling me that after every 8 months I had to restablish the debt payment. I called them a few weeks a go and they were suppose to sent me a letter of what they would accept and I have not received one as of yet. I need to pay it or have it removed from my credit in order to purchase a house but I will take and print some of your responses out to see if I should try to pay them or leave it alone. I even tried to call them today but no answer. MUSIC, MUSIC, and more Music is all I received.

Thanks, HELP ME!

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Dominion law started sending me letters about an old hospital bill. If it makes a difference, it was coming addressed to Paula and my husband's name is Paul. Months later they still haven't changed that. They threatened to take him to court on 12/30/08 but I got a payment arrangement. AFTER I made the arrangement, I started getting NASTY letters saying "you can ignore this for 30 years and it won't go away". I made that first payment and the second wasn't even due!! Then I have Pender and Coward )I see from someone else is also them) calling me. Since I pay the bills and my husband hates the phone I handle everything. Anyway there is NO way there can be a judgement against him since I made a payment that day and made an arrangement. Then this Pander and Coward sent me a summons in the mail! I KNOW that is not legal. I have all of the letters and I am about ready to just talk to a lawyer with a brain. I can't AFFORD one but these people cannot garnish my husbands wages either - which they still threaten to do , again, AFTER i made the payment arrangement and made the first payment 12/29 when I spoke to some woman there - who, like someone else said, sounded scripted. I gave it no thought when the bills came as I get other peoples mail all the time. It said PAULA so I was returning the bills. Then these goofballs ended up with it. $550.00 later, I, too, would rather deal with the hospital directly. IF it was written off, I don't think I should have to pay it. I'm sure I can (and I reccommend you all do) find a lawyer that offers a free consultation. Bring everything with you. Also - I am on Social Security Disability, but the bill is in my husband's name even though the phone calls ask for Paula and the mail is addressed to Paula after I have told them numerous times it is NOT Paula, it's PAUL. (the morons!) I hate them. I was totally surprised to find this site and see that they are insane animals. OH and I did try to call them back today as I missed their call..and ALL I got too for 20 min till I gave up was MUSIC and more music. They're nuts. Again, check your yellow pages for an Atty. who offers free consultations and I also will be asking about suing them for harassment. One letter I have is HORRIBLE! Maybe it can be me to start that Class Action suit for ALL of us!! Take care!

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dominion law are bad people

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To the legal Assistant: Actually people have been getting very good advice. Even if a lawyer gets the account to sue on, they had better not sue on it before it is properly validated. And if they do, they would HAVE to cough up the proof in Discovery or it WILL be dismissed. Now you should know that, else you need to go back to school and not sleep in class this time.

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I am also dealing with Dominion on a Capital One account from 2001 that I am pretty sure I never even opened. There is a judgement against me in NY(where I lived) from 2004. I called today to try and settle a lump sum and monthly payment and was told that it was unacceptable and they will continue to pursue legal action against me. I'm in NC and was wondering if they can come after my soon to be wife with legal action if the house is in her name and has been well before we met.

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I made arrangments with Dominion law on a hospital bill I owed. I paid them $50.00 a month. I never missed a payment, but after about 6 months they sent me a warrant in debt, with no notice they were going to do so. so be aware if they tell you they will let you make payments.

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I made arrangments with Dominion law on a hospital bill I owed. I paid them $50.00 a month. I never missed a payment, but after about 6 months they sent me a warrant in debt, with no notice they were going to do so. so be aware if they tell you they will let you make payments.

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Since I wrote my last post, Dominion Law sent me the yellow copy of a Garnishment Summons, froze over $800 in our bank account in May, and we are due to go to court on Monday. Something for you to do: I called the Consumer Alliance Group, oye, it's Consumers something.. I THINK that's who it is - if not I will update that ASAP for you all. They have attorneys who will work for you depending on your case and if they take your case (as they did mine!) it is totally FREE!! There are some details I cannot disclose because this is all in the works, but Dominion Law pulled a great BIGGG mistake - Unfair collection practice and unfair business practices. The lawyer is in this state and he is coming here to go to court with us when we go. He told me that with our income and my being on Social Security Disability and the way Dominion Law did the unfair practice, they will be paying us. Thank God I saved EVERY letter and all from them. I don't know why, something told me to (God watching over me I guess :) but I saved everything from them. We're almost ready for court. We have to do one thing tomorrow that I cannot, again, say anything about yet but I will update again when we are done with those monsters. To the man who asked, YES they will take you to court SURE that everything they do is RIGHT. If you have any questions, --Tell you what - I cannot remember that exact name but they had a ton of Lemon law info there - If you are in VA, Google Lemon Law and the name of the place you want is Consumers law Group or something along that line.... I wish I remembered but that is where the free lawyer is who is going to help me. I guess Dominion is expected to pay my legal fees and court fees because of the major error my attorney found. When they froze money in our bank account, the ONLY money in there was my Social Security Disability and that's illegal, I know, and that was also my rent. We've struggled worse since then so I look forward to court and see what this lawyer does to help us. I'll update soon since the court date is this coming week but waiting to see what my lawyer has up his sleeve AND I will report back with the CORRECT name of the site to find someone to help you. I BELIEVE they also help states around VA as well as VA...I'll let yas know. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.. I don't want to deal with those Dominion morons anymore and I cannot wait till it is OVER! I also thank God that lawyer DID accept my case. Take care and don't let the idiots wear you down!!
To the girl who posted above me, if you were making your payments on time and you still got that Warrant in Debt..that is UNFAIR Business Practices.. consult an attorney. Many have free consultations...I was told that you can sue for damages for that even if you are not hurt!! Call a lawyer!! have your receipts ready and any paperwork, letters, etc from Dominion Law. AMAZING! They're supposedly lawyers and they are total screw ups!! Also report them to the Bar Association in your state. I will be and I KNOW I am not the first and I won't be the last to do so. maybe sooner or later someone will be losing their licence!!!!

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