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dominion law associates - anyone have any information on dominion law associates?

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I just received a first letter from them today in the mail saying they have been retained for Midland funding llc for possible suit, I have no idea what this debt is possibly for. I'm going to send off a DV first thing tomorrow and see if I can get some information on what this could possibly be for. The only thing it states is that an attorney from their office has not had the chance to look over my particular file yet and of course telling me I need to pay the amount of 524.08 or they will have no choice but to proceed with legal actions. I really don't have any idea what this could possibly be for and I'm not showing Midland even on my credit report. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this law office and if they have any complaints against them or anything.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

I am here to warn everyone to beware. They will take you to court. And if you do not show up or make arrangements to pay, they will collect their money. They processed a garnishment on my account after I paid the debt. Here it is 2 weeks later, and the garnishment is still there and no one has an answer of when it will be fixed. They tell you that no one can speak with their garnishment department. I have tried to be patient but I am at my wits end so I will be going to my Attorney General or local congressman immediately. I cant take this anymore. I am so frustrated because not only am I the one getting stuck with all these returned check fees because they have this hold on my account, but companies are charging their returned fees also. Not to mention the 125.00 fee the bank charges for processing the garnishment. All this was done a shortly before Christmas, it's unbelievable how these people do business. If I had the time and money, I would so file a class action suit against them because I feel they are completely unethical and misleading. So anyone who thinks they can simply ignore this company, DO NOT IGNORE THEM! Please stay on top of everything so you dont end up like me, with a garnishment on your bank account for a debt that you have ALREADY PAID!

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I received a letter from Dominion Law Associates also from December 2008 a about a judgement for $1,146 and it lists a creditor name of an Asset Acceptance group. I do not know what this is about as it has my old married name on it. It is a summons to appear in court, which the lawyers are from Virginia Beach, so I am not traveling all the way there from SW Virginia. They sent me a questionnare form to fill out. When trying to call them, I am on hold listening to this music for over 30 minutes with no one answering.

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They have to file suit in the county where you live.

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K Thompson--

yes, thats right, they must file either where you live now, or where the debt originated. I would first check to see if the summons is for a valid lawsuit--the court clerk's office where they claimed to have filed this case can verify that for you.

I am a bit confused about your post--you said they got a judgment against you according to the letter, but now this is a summons to appear in court? is that right? Something's not quite right there. First, if they got a judgment against you and you didnt even know about it until that letter came, then they broke the law right there. you can try to have that judgment vacated, you will need to file an order to show cause where that judgment occurred, and request that the court vacate the judgment due to improper service. the fact that it has your old married name on it leads me to believe that they tried to serve you at an old address....a lot of debt collectors do that on purpose because:

1--they know they wont actually find you there, so you wont show up for court.
2--they can still claim to the court that they served you.

They do that so they can get a default judgment against you. It is not legal, but most people dont know their rights under the law, so once they get that judgment, the average person doesnt know enough to fight it.

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I received a letter as well collecting a credit card debt, that Midland funding llc originally had. This is the kicker I was making payments on the account with Midland set at 134.00 per month to pay off in 12 months. I lost my job in August 2008 I have been on unemployment since then. I contacted Midland Funding told them what happened and originally agreed to accept a lesser amount of 50.00 per month after accepting two months of payments, I received a letter from Midland stating that they could no longer accept the 50.00 per month and that I would have to increase the amount per month. I contacted them by phone spoke to my representative, she stated that I would have to do better that 50.00 per month that they would not accept that amount no longer. i informed her that you can not take blood from a Turnip and this would be all that I could do. The next month I deducted the 50.00 Payment from my checking account(this was setup on ACH) but it never came out of my account. I never heard another word until Dominion Law Offices sent me a letter I received this month January 2009. I called them spoke to a young lady who is very scripted who informed me that I would have to pay 225.00 per month that anything less than would not be acceptable. I told her that I could not pay that at this time i would how ever send the 50.00 per month until I went back to work, she said I could send it and that they would credit my account, but they would be moving forward with a law suit on me in the county were I lived in SW Virginia. I hung up on her before I said something I would regret. I have now filed a complaint with the FTC online and also sending a request to them for validation of the debt. Also I have found out that in the state of Virginia if it is a credit card debt, that there is no legal action on collection after 3 years from the date the original creditor wrote the debt off. So check into your state laws they maybe violating them which can impose in the state of Virginia 1000.00 in fines and up to 12 months in jail and opens them for a law suit of there own.

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Looks like a scam to me..... not really sure, They say I owe my doctor $15.00.
I see my doctor almost monthly and there was never mention of this debt.
I last saw my doc. last Monday. I made my co-pay and no mention of a $15.00 debt.


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You bloodsuckers. You do not have one ounce of compassion. But, as you should know, you can't get blood from a turnip and you cannot garnish unreported employers.

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Long story short, DLA will throw frivolous lawsuits against Authorized Users of bad credit card debt where the user in fact never used the card nor signed a written agreement with the company (in fact the original CC which they filed suit over is still in possession and unsigned...). As I have come to find out with a few consultations with local lawyers......these lawsuits are simply frivolous and open to counter suit for harassment ;). You see when a company files suit against someone without a valid reason, contract, proof of debt, or any evidence whatsoever the suit has been made for the sole purpose of harassment according to multiple lawyers. You CAN and SHOULD press a counter suit against DLA if you too find yourself in this situation. My lawyer is even working the case for free and just collecting on the settlement. Remember to fight these scum at their own level. I have already filed complaints with BOTH the Virginia Bar and North Carolina Bar against T. Camille French and have been contacted by both bars requesting further information along with asking me to come to a future case hearing. I actually dislike this firm enough to drive to another state. They are dirty, unethical, and unprofessional. Stand up for your rights and file a counter suit where they have violated your rights. In California a lady recently won 500K in a settlement for similar bad practice.


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Dominion Law Associates kept on calling me, too. They took me to court and the judge said for me to pay it even throught I am on SSI and can't afford to pay so I sent them two checks for $5.00 each and I asked them to send me a statement showing that they recieved the payments and so I counld send in my next payment and they said, " They do not send out a statement every month so you just have to keep up with how much you owe each month and guess at when it is paid off." I think this is a bad way of conducting business and there should be a law against any company doing that.

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Guest, your SSI is supposed to be exempt from a judgement.

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