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dominion law associates - anyone have any information on dominion law associates?

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I just received a first letter from them today in the mail saying they have been retained for Midland funding llc for possible suit, I have no idea what this debt is possibly for. I'm going to send off a DV first thing tomorrow and see if I can get some information on what this could possibly be for. The only thing it states is that an attorney from their office has not had the chance to look over my particular file yet and of course telling me I need to pay the amount of 524.08 or they will have no choice but to proceed with legal actions. I really don't have any idea what this could possibly be for and I'm not showing Midland even on my credit report. Just wondered if anyone has heard of this law office and if they have any complaints against them or anything.

Thanks in advance for any advice,

I got a letter last month from them for two credit cards I had with Midland Funding. They told me that I have 6 months to pay the debt and put me on their payment arrangement plan even though I told them I could not afford to pay that every month. They said that if I didn't pay they would seek a judgement that week. So I made my first payment that same week. I called them today to get the monthly payment amount lowered (this would be my second payment). They told me that I can send in the lower payment amount cause they can't deny the payment,however they can and will proceed with further legal action because the payment is too low and its not what I agreed to. And I told "tricia" the rep who I was speaking to that I was railroaded and told that I had to agree to the payment plan amount terms they said. Mind you I have never recieved anything in the mail to sign that says I have to pay the amounts they state. I called the FTC and filed a complaint today. Victor at the FTC told me that all a judge is going to do is grant them the judgement but that the judge will only say she is paying what she can and simple as that. He said if I have 20 bucks a month thats what I send in. He said its a scare tactic in a sense but they can take you to court but more than likely a judge will say as long as she is paying on it then its fine. I told Victor in a sense its not fine to get a judgement on my credit when I paying on the collection. I wish everyone luck with dealing with these ppl. Its sad

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I got a letter from DLA say that I had a judgement against me for Capital One. Now they are saying that they will summons me to court to answer questions about my assets. Can they do that?

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I received a letter from DLA that they will be proceeding to court if I did not pay. But also said I have opportunity to settle before the suit is filed. I called up and the amount they ask is just impossible. I did not ask for Debt validation earlier when I received the first letter. I am working with a debt negotiator and he has also not been able to lower it to reasonable amount that I can manage by borrowing. Approx ready for $7000-8000 on total outstanding of $20000. Can I still ask for debt validation although the original 30 days limit is already past and the suit is not filed yet (I hope so, I have not received anything from court) ?

Motion of Discovery is filed after you receive notice from court or even before that ?


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I also received the letter from DLA threatening to file a suit in court but I can avail the opportunity to settle before the suit is filed. I am working with a negotiator but even they have been unable to reduce the balance to reasonable low level that I can manage. I have an outstanding of about $20000 and was offering to settle for $7000-$8000 as I can borrow only this much. The amount is in my wife's name and her income is only $350 a month (voluntary service).
I did not ask for debt verification when I received the first letter from DLA and 30 days have since passed and negotiator still working. Is it still possible to request debt validation even though 30 days are past but no court suit is filed. Also when is the motion for debt discovery file, after court notice or even before ?


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Originally Posted by Anonymous
All I have to say is I was a Legal Assistant for Dominion Law, and I would advise all of you to seek legal advice because you are not getting very good advice here..... Dominion Law is a Law Firm & Debt Collection Agency. If the debt collectors could not get payments from you then the send it up the chain for us to file suit as long as the account was within legal limits to proceed with a law suit.

Sadly, you seem very misinformed, maybe you should consider another field. Your firm is trying to collect on debts that were established through identity fraud. I know this for a fact and have seen this happening to several others, who have filed police reports to validate that identity fraud theft was committed. Your firm is scrupulous and I have also filed with the FTC against your organization and contacted my attorney general's office.
I would highly recommend that everyone who has any issue against Dominion Law Associates, Pender/Coward, T. Camille French; 1) Also, send them a "cease and desist letter via certified mail, 2) contact the Federal Trade Commission and your attorney general's office, and 3) document everything - keep records of everything. 4) if you are like me/a victim of identity fraud theft, have your day in court and counter against these scum of a glorified collection agency as they have violated by sending mail the "cease and desist".

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I'll go one further, if everyone contacts their attorney general, Federal Trade Commission, and also the Better Business Bureau, we can bring a group suit against Dominion Law. I know I'm not the only one dealing with Dominion Law trying to do them dirty. Those of you that victims of identity fraud, I advocate you to contact your attorney general's office. If we all do this, there is strength in numbers - we could do a group suit against Dominion Law.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Why doesn't anyone report this to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, The BBB has given these people a rating of B. They're noted for doing a good job. They need to be reported

I hope those that are posting here are being proactive and filing a complaint with the BBB, filing a report with their attorney general's office, and filing a complain with the FTC. The more people that file complaints, the more weight it will hold. Dominion Law does dirty business, they are unethical, and truly are a glorified collection agency. It's time for people to stand up against them and work to make them abide by a regulatory standard, which they are not doing.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Wow this is unreal, I also rec'd a letter from Dominion Law Associates, I had been trying to get in touch with them regarding a credit card bill in the amount of 2,000 and something. I faxed my account numbers to them, but I am going to the bank to close my accounts today after reading all of this. I am about to file bankruptcy.

How or where did you get a fax #. I tried calling and of course got a recording, over & over for 22 minutes!!, then the phone rang, stopped ringing and got nothing bu dead air. The fax # is not on their website or on the letter I recvd. I have sent the original credit company a cease & desist, and a POA for a credit resolution company that I am dealing with, and would like to forward it to these people!

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To the legal Assistant that posted:
(As well as some advise for the rest of you dealing with these scumbags called Dominion Law.) Four years ago a junk debt buyer sent me a notice that I owe them over $500. The letter stated they were the original creditor (since they bought the debt). They didn't list who they purchased the debt from so I sent them a debt validation (thee debt validation requests actually). The JDB signed for all of my letters, but never once replied, nor did they try calling me. So I filed a BBB complaint. Then, and ONLY then did he reply. We went back and forth, and he made only vague statements, and lied about things. His last response to me thru the BBB said he would not respond any further. I'm located in northern VA, this junk debt buyer was located in Texas. Soon I received a letter from DLA. I promptly replied requesting validation explaining that I have never been provided any information about this "debt" bla bla. Their response was a "warrant in debt" filed in my home county. The Friday before I was to go to court on Monday, I received a letter from DLA telling me they were dropping the case and I didn't need to show up for court. I was like, yeah right! So I went to court, and DLA didn't show up, but they sent a third party, non employee attorney from one county over to represent them against me. He had no documentation whatsoever (I had lots). Long story short the judge dismissed it. With no documentation, and an attorney that by his own admission was not employed by DLA they didn't have a leg to stand on. I was going to sue them and even spoke to an NACA attorney about it. He said I had a strong case, but in the end I let it go. Now I just got ANOTHER similar letter from DLA (some unknown JDB called Equable Ascent (no Original creditor listed). Don't call DLA!!! Respond ONLY in writing, and sent it certified. If they take you to court, SHOW UP with your paperwork! Chances are they have nothing against you, and will sent a third party attorney for them....which is not even allowed in VA unless said attorney is an employee of DLA They are nothing but crooks!!

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I am just getting into this with dominion again I am a victom midland credit management inc an they got it fromTribute master card again they treaten me with legal action even if I paid them some money they would take me to court the twist of this I have paid one payment of $25.00 to tribute an these people cash the check an don't want to credit the account the person that said class action suite is on the right track start takeing money away from them the person that runs this dominion law firm looks like a amblance chaser, I am goping to lawer up on them soon, we need too call our lawer makers in Washington to make laws to put these people out of buisness or better yet put them in jail.

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