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Mann Bracken: Is it difficult to deal with them?

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I am trying very hard to pay off all my credit card debts. I - being a total idiot went to a debt settlement company. They "suggested" that I not pay my bills, and that they had great relationship with creditors.... What a lie.

Anyway, I am now in a dmp. I'm trying to pay off all my loans 100%. However, Mann Bracken Llc. wants a lump sum payment. I do not have the funds to give them the payment. I offered to pay it off through the DMP program. No deal. They said they would continue with the arbitration and see me there.

Is there anything I can do? I tried calling Chase directly. They said I could only talk to Mann Bracken law firm is a collection agency which threatens to take you to arbitration. Read the discussion to know the way out. that they no longer had the account.

The lady on the phone was very nasty. She told me if it went to arbitration I could pay her attorney fees and court cost. All of this is true information. So not misrepresentation.

I think I may be stuck. But I have a budget, and I am trying to pay everyone. That leaves me very little wiggle room when it comes to something like this.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


mann bracken law firm
can be vicious. They will settle for less you just have to say the right things. They say they will only settle for 80% or so. They are a collection agency. Not a law firm. They try to scare you by using the mann bracken attorneys. They do have attorneys. But they are a collection agency. As far as debt settlement companies stay away from them. They will tell you whatever sounds good to you. They will ruin you completely. Go with a credit counseling company. Your payment may be a little higher but it will be well woth it.

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what are the right things to say to mann bracken law firm
? i would like this to be over. don't want my wages garnised

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i received lawsuit from this company too. they gave the paper to my mom on Sept. 01 2008 and they said to call first before calling an attorney.. they wanted to pay $1031.57 plus their attorney fees. I'm 22 and a single mom i only make minimum wage. what should i do? I'm nervous and I don't really know what to do.

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Mann Bracken has a weakness-their lawyers. Refuse to deal with their collection agents. These people make $5 an hour if they're lucky and the rest is commission.

You will find a current list of the REAL mann bracken law firm
attorneys at johnpfryedebtlawyer[dot]blogspot[dot]com. Contact one of them and tell them to work things out.

If the lawyer you talk to does not, file a Bar complaint. You will want to file against them in Georgia, your state, and the state of the Mann Bracken Llp. office that contacted you.

A couple of mann bracken law firm
lawyers have been disciplined, and Branton could lose his law license at this rate!

Good Luck!

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What happens when mann bracken law firm
serve you the summons, that validates the debt. in your state. Once they do that, they can garnish your wages, ect. It takes a lot of debt. to do that though.

----- This is BS. Only if the Plaintiff has a court-ordered judgment can any collection activity begin. Furthermore, not all states permit wage garnishment. ALWAYS, ALWAYS dispute the validity of the debt and request verification!!

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davidw davidw

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I just got a fed ex arbitration from MB, too. So what are the next steps? Send a dv letter or cease and desist or ignore?

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A DV letter CMRRR.

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How old is the account? What state do you live in? When was the last time you paid on it? You would need to send them a Refusal of Arbitration letter. They would need to prove that you agreed to MBA and that an arbitration agreement was in place while the account was still current with the OC. I found this a while back:

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Great info nascar.

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Mann Bracken came after me. I read the post about lawyers. I found their Virginia office. The attorney is Scott Kramer but he's really in Maryland. I told him he was supervising abusive collectors and would report him. He asked me how much I owed and how much I'd be able to pay.

He settled in return for a letter saying I would not file a bar complaint. Fine.

This is the way. Deal with the lawyers. They are responsible.

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