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Mann Bracken: Is it difficult to deal with them?

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I am trying very hard to pay off all my credit card debts. I - being a total idiot went to a debt settlement company. They "suggested" that I not pay my bills, and that they had great relationship with creditors.... What a lie.

Anyway, I am now in a dmp. I'm trying to pay off all my loans 100%. However, Mann Bracken Llc. wants a lump sum payment. I do not have the funds to give them the payment. I offered to pay it off through the DMP program. No deal. They said they would continue with the arbitration and see me there.

Is there anything I can do? I tried calling Chase directly. They said I could only talk to Mann Bracken law firm is a collection agency which threatens to take you to arbitration. Read the discussion to know the way out. that they no longer had the account.

The lady on the phone was very nasty. She told me if it went to arbitration I could pay her attorney fees and court cost. All of this is true information. So not misrepresentation.

I think I may be stuck. But I have a budget, and I am trying to pay everyone. That leaves me very little wiggle room when it comes to something like this.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


The fact that you are doing payments ($50.00) on an already defaulted bill doesn???t mean you have a payment agreement; that is just a voluntary payment.

Never, ever, ever, ever try to work with a Consolidation Agency, credit counseling Service, or any other name you want to give them because they CAN NOT do anything different than what you can do. The only thing they want is to charge you a fee to manage your debt. When you ???hire??? them they make you sign a Power of Attorney to be able to represent you, and with that they send communications to your creditors to avoid any calls or communications, what does not mean your creditors stopped the collection activities, it only means you will not know what is going on until is too late to resolve it.

I can go on and on regarding this matter. The last thing I want to say is DO NOT TAKE ADVISE FROM SOMEONE THAT YOU DON???T KNOW, AND EVEN IF YOU KNOW THEM BE CAREFULL WHEN YOU RECEIVE THEIR ADVISE. All of them are honestly trying to help you but most of them don???t really know what they are talking about.

Be careful when managing your past due debt, it is your future what is in risk

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I have read real trash on this blog. Most of the comments are coming from angry people that have put themselves in a situation where they don???t have any control of things.

Let me give you just one example. Arbitration is a process that was already agreed in advance by both parties. When you accept to use a credit card, for example, you already agree to be part of an arbitration process to resolve the matter and a letter will not stop the process.

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First off this is not a Blog. This is a forum. Second, many accounts were astablished long before arbitration became the next greatest scam the CC companies could screw a consumer with. Arbitration is an attempt to strip away our rights to due process and simply because a CC company slips it into their TOS long after the account was established still does not mean that consumers have to agree with it.

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Blog vs. Forum, serves for the same purpose... communication.

The Arbitration was created by a law firm in 1996, not by the credit cards. It started to be used by the cc's to obligate the users to use instead of the judicial litigation to resolve a dispute resolution. If a consumer/client does not accept it the cc companies will simply not issue the credit, as simple as that.

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The majority of people in this situation chose not to be. Instead of declaring bankruptcy we are left with commercials,advertisements and email saying they can help you get out of debt by getting a low settlementt with these companies. You have to pay them a fee and they are telling you that is is better to wait until you are served or contacted by a collection agency because they deal with them all the time. I paid 4000 over six months and I settled several accounts on my own and they sent out cease and desist letters and then tried to claim they settled the accounts. I have written to the better business bureau which is what I would suggest befire dealing with any company. Mann Bracken is on the worst. They will not try to work with you but just threaten you,. I was told that they would offer me a 80% settlement and then copied someones else agreement to me with their settlement being 50%. I asked why the difference and she said it was none of my concern. It truly is not but i wonder how many people have received information about someone else's account including mine. As far as I am concerned i should just declare myself a bank and then I should receive a bailout as well with my taxpayer money. I have been working for 33 years and paid my taxes and more than happy to do so but these collection agencies go too far in harassing people and debt resolution companies are just aiding and abetting. If it were not for this forum many of us would not have any information that will help us.

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What junk debt buyer do you work for? lol
You don't know the difference between a blog and a forum, yet you obviously have access to the web? lol

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I have told them I will speak no more to their callers, but just received the arbitration forms. I am on SSI and Social Security, unemployed and have no property to attach. Can they force me to appear in court?

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are mb registered in michigan. if a settlement is made is chase then paid

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i have bean dealing with these scuzzy for yrs they are vicious ruthless, nothing is correct, c&d s letters do not help, if you catch them they flip you to someone you never heard of before in your credit report,summons i need a lawyer can not find one in Florida it sucks

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Contact Frogpatch on this site, they are in Fla and have a very good atty that will sue for you.

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